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An IronSnob Warrior's Tale

August 11 2002 at 10:52 AM
Attika  (no login)
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AN IRONSNOB WARRIOR'S TALE -- the introduction

(The author would like to thank the following persons who assisted in this IronSnob run by either contributing birthday gifts, holding games for birthday gift import, or clearing previously cleared levels so that the IronSnob could get to his appropriate level. In no special order: DeeBye, Tristan, Sabra, BigD, WildViking, Totalrecall, and Oncal. Your assistance made this post possible. Thank you all.)

Recently my gaming partner (RoedeOrm/WildViking) turned me on to a variant style known as Elitist, where the character can only use Unique game items, receives a “birthday gift” at the game start and every fifth level, and has certain constraints on spells that are allowed (see: and look under Elitists). I had been enjoying playing the
character as a nice break from Ironman when it hit me -- why not do BOTH -- an Elitist playing an Ironman game! I decided that a warrior would stand the best chance of making it all the way through (the rogue would run out of bow too soon, and the mage couldn’t make it without specific spells he is denied by the rules) and started several games. It wasn’t until the fourth game that my SNOB warrior romped through dungeon levels one through six and onward into Hell.

Here was my character development/ battle plan:

Bday1 gift: Deadly Hunter(qlevel 3)
Bday5 gift: Wicked Axe(qlevel 5)
Bday10 gift: Ring of Engagement(qlevel 11)
Bday15 gift: Scavenger’s Carapace (qlevel 13)
Bday20 gift: Gotterdamerung (qlevel 21)
Bday25 gift: Second RoE (qlevel 11)

and face Diablo so equipped.

I was using “Taoni’s IronSnob” rules as posted here:
as the basis for the IronSnob attempt. Among other things these rules limit the qlevel of each birthday gift you may receive to clevel +2 or lower, adding to the IronSnob challenge. (You can look up Unique item qlevels at this site: The plan was to use the DFE of items to make up for lack of Blood Fountains or Purifying Springs, and the inability
of the IronSnob warrior to cast heal on himself since every lup is going into Dex, Str, or Vit in his preparations for facing Diablo (so that stun can be achieved).

Major challenges/roadblocks foreseen for the attempt include:
1. “Boxing” one’s way naked to clevel five may prove difficult depending upon the foes (especially Hiddens and Plague Eaters).
2. If any of the levels are major archer levels, I’ll be going through reds like crazy (no Shield = no block = get hit very often) meaning I’ll have fewer potions for the lower levels.
3. Not sure I can kill both the Butcher and Leo naked except for an axe.
4. Stunlock with Storms in the Caves may prove a stopper.
4. A triple witch level will probably spell the game’s doom.
5. Not sure I can kill Diablo with that axe in that setup (poor to hit; no blocking; no AC). Should prove very interesting.

Anyway, that was the plan. Here are some of the actual games played, prior to the winning contest.

Game 1: Retired character after dlevel 4 completed as I had chosen a TFoS as my first birthday gift. (This was before I had figured out the above formula.) Although I’m having a blast with this character, I decided that I had wasted the opportunity to get a much better first Birthday gift, the Deadly Hunter. Deleted. Restarted.

Game 2: Ambushed by the Skeleton King at the stairs on level 3. I was a level 7 warrior. He and his melee minions took me apart, surrounding me and damaging me faster than I could drink.

Game 3: Levels 1-4 cleared without a single unique item dropping!
Catacombs Level 5: Cutting to the chase -- encountered Foulwing and his minions. Died to being surrounded by Glooms that pecked me to death. Argh! Just overconfident and approached them too closely, allowing them to surround me. My fault, my bad. Live/die and learn.

Now on to the winning session! (Please read on)

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