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Same Stuff, Different Year

January 2 2003 at 7:44 AM
Occhi  (no login)
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Response to Happy New Year

A Mr. Sanchez became Corpus Christi's first Traffic fatality of this year, on, you guessed it, New Year's Eve. Same old story. Or was it?

He was hit by an 18 year old driver, a Mr Ramirez IIRC the news report, who was slightly under the influence.
Ramirez is being charged with vehicular manslaughter, but I say the charge is bogus. He was DUI, sure, but, he did not kill Mr Sanchez. Mr Sanchez was an accessory before the fact, he was a willing accomplice to his own death.

You see, Mr Sanchez is not dead from the crash, he is dead because he . . . was not wearing his seat belt, and was thrown from the vehicle. He took to the roads on New Year's Eve, and did not buckle up. OK, maybe Heinlein was right, and maybe stupidity is the only real sin in the Universe, punishable by death.

Mr Sanchez should be in the hospital today, with an injured neck, some cracked ribs, mayhap a broken nose, possibly some burns. He should be calling his lawyer to sue Mr Ramirez, or --DOH!!-- collecting uninsured driver's money (who would have seen that one coming?) rather than being planted six feet under.

I call it contributory negligence. You don't drive home on New Year's Eve without being aware of the hazards. You buckle up and keep an eye open, as there are bound to be Ramirez' all over the place. The cops can't find them all before they hit someone.

That someone could be you.

Buckle up. Live to be pissed off at the jackass who drove home DUI when he should have passed out on the floor, and crashed into your new Altima. Live to get your revenge. You can't get revenge if you are


Buckle up, folks, the anti drunk driving campaign is less than 100% efficient, and zero defects aint possible.

Two wasted lives: one, a dead man, and the other, a guy who should have lost his license for a few years, not gone to prison for manslaughter.

Oh yes, Ramirez is the primary cause of the Accident. He is guilty of improper operation of a motor vehicle, He deserves to pay heavily for being careless.

Sanchez, however, killed himself by

Not Buckling Up.

Same Story, Different Year

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