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My Rogue_Ranger

April 23 2003 at 2:36 PM
Occhi  (no login)
from IP address

Response to Lol

Here is the plan. ShadowHM has already given me a big, wet raspberry on my plan to max Holy Shock, but I have played in Hell Diff with a Ranger and an EEP before . . . . it only roxors the boxors for so long.


No metal in armor, hats, belts, boots, gloves. (Drat, no Sigons!) I also refuse to wear caps, they look like brown condoms on my head. No way, style matters, darnit, style matters! (I can't help it if my Ranger is good looking!)

I like to wear Circlets for the good looks points, and to keep my ears clear for hearing the wabbits I am hunting . . .


Holy Shock 20
Sanctuary 10-20 (I have decided that Undead Must Die. It appears to work with missile weapons. )
Fanaticism: unknown
Conviction: Unknown, up to 10.
Holy Shield: 10-15 for when I use Javs etc
Smite: 1
Zeal: maybe none
Sacrifice: One, maybe more. still mulling this one over
Holy Freeze: 1 to more, uncertain at this time.
Holy Fire: On hold until 1.10, it may be maxed so my other skills may adjust.
Salvation: 1
Prayer and Cleansing: not sure yet


W1 Best Bow I can get my hands on.
W2 Shield and Dagger, graduating to Shield and Javelin later diffs

Str up to 120 or so, depends on the bow I find.
Dex at least 100 for AR and later on blocking with Javs
Mana: base
Vitality: The Rest. Target is in 240-280 range.

Merc: Blessed Aim to keep the AR up there. Also, I have this loyalty thing: Haseen is just a really nice guy, so I am keeping him with me forever. This is a team friendly decision since Blessed Aim is not that common a choice in later diffs.

Prime Killing Method: Holy Shock
Secondary: Socketed Bow with everything BUT Lightning and Conviction was the idea.
Tertiary: Smite and let Haseen do the rest (For those special bosses like Bremm!)
Quatiary: Crushing Blow and an ITD dagger, maybe not.

Is Quatiary even a word?

Anyway, the sanctuary gives a nice Inner Sight like effect, elemental bow is good, and the bare head is sort of rogue like . . . Rogue influenced, but not slavishly so.

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