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September 2 2003 at 5:07 AM
Ozymandous  (no login)
from IP address

Response to Well, there he goes again

There "he" goes again, posting another lame response to a thread and look, "he's" so cowardly "he" won't use his 'real' name.

Well, slowly shakes head there he goes again... starting a political thread.

I just checked and I didn't mention ANY political party at all in my thread, so how is my initial thread about politics? My thread was about double-standards in "news" and how some people can apparently either BE racist or belong to a racist group and nothing be said about it while someone else doesn't get that luxury.

Any reference to anything political was purely implied in YOUR reading and not from what I said.

Let's get one thing straight, it appears to me that this is not a group about race, this is a group about culture-- and power of course.

The use of the word "gringo" may have confused things, but what this group wants is to a return to Spanish culture. Their group, as it says, it open to "any student". Sounds to me like it was created as a radical group, but then watered down to become a group that helped the cause of illegal aliens, and nobody bothered striking out the old rhetoric.

Culture can be saved without resorting to violence or even mentioning violence. It appear to me that this is yet another racist group masquerading as a "legitimate" anti-racist group, much like Louis Farakan does. Have you thought that the racist slant hasn't been left in as an over-sight but that it's still alive and well as the heart of this group? To me that's as much of a possibility as what you suggest.

What's obvious to me tho, it that the group itself intended to run things in Atzlan. It's really a political power group.

(Whenever I see "Atzlan", I always think of "Zardoz" or whatever it was called.)

Now, what confuses ME is why if they're so concerned about redressing the wrongs of the past, they aren't going to hand the land back to the Amerind people (known as "Native Americans"). Note that they claim to have "civilized" the area and therefore it's theirs to control. Do we need to talk about how the Spanish treated people whose families lived here before the 1490's? The Spaniards of that era were ruthless. Sure, they brought their flavor of Christianity, but watch out if you didn't buy into it.

Heh, it is amusing to see a group spout off about how they have been wronged, yet fail to hold anyone else accountable execpt the modern day people for what groups from all sides have done to cause the issue. Much like some groups want to point solely to the US Government to redress the wrongs of slavery, when it was quite a few other European countries who helped contribute to slavery, and also many tribal leaders in Africa who willingly sold prisioners and other folks to the slavers at the time.

I agree with the sentiment that this group, as well as the others who want to "restore past power", or somehow get paid for something that happened hundreds of years ago, are political groups who really don't want their land back (usually) but typically seem to be looking for a pay-off. The exception to this would be any place that has religious/spiritual relevance to the previous culture, like the Black Hills.

Now, regarding Arnold, don't sweat about the Nazi thing. Arnold's practically a commie liberal, just ask Rush. The newspaper today (Wash.Post) talked about his Oui Magazine interview in 1977, where he talked about his drug use and group sex, and quoted him referring to homosexuals as "fags". Now, that last part makes him sound Republican but don't be fooled, this guy's not on the Right at all!

And maybe people are concerned about who is father is because of the last few presidential races, where W is a rerun of a (supposedly-)happier time, and Albert Gore, Jr. is just a senator's son who actually grew up in Washington D.C. and therefore didn't know anything about the rest of the country. That's the power of fathers in this country. (Also see the disappointment in the Republican eyes whenever Ron Reagan (the son) is or does anything non-conservative.)

I could care less who is in what political party, but I do NOT like what's going on where one person can be deliberately maligned by stuff that may ior may not be true, or even decades old when someone else get's essentially a free pass on some racist remark they made just a few years before. Bustamante was also quoted as using the "n" word just a few years ago as some ceremony or fund-raiser, yet the news groups are talking about Arnold saying things back in the 1970's?

Good and bad news coverage should be felt by everyone, not just the one with the biggest name, otherwise none of this information should be released at all.

Your Great Communicator,
Ronald Reagvan

You wish.

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