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Driztt Do'Urden as a variant...

October 1 2003 at 10:49 PM
BruceGod  (no login)
from IP address

For some time now, I have considered what Drizzt Do'Urden variant. Although he is a drow, he would not use all the rules of the drow. (Do not kill spiders, for example.) Therefore, he has both more and less restrictions than your "average" drow (if there is such a thing).

Drizzt is a barbarian so he can dual wield.

Drizzt-specific restrictions
Vitality - none allowed. Even for a drow, Drizzt has seemed a little frail when it comes to taking damage.
Dexterity - min. of 2 points per Lvl. Because Drizzt is even more graceful and deadly in combat than most drow.
Vitality - min. of 1 point per Lvl. - Drizzt is not a wizard, but does posess a small amount of magical power.
Note that this leaves only 2 "discretionary" points per Lvl. These should probably go to strength, but do not have to. This setup is to emphasize accuracy over sheer damage.

Allowances: Drizzt can wear any type of armor, but to wear chainmail and above (light plate being excepted), he must posess 1.25 the required strength, because elves are lithe, not muscular. The same applies to any full helm or greater.

Weapons - Drizzt uses swords. (duh) However, because he is an elf, he may not dual-wield 2-handed swords - they are too awkward. Also, because he is a speed-oriented fighter, he may not use any weapon with less than a "fast" attack rating. Drizzt may not use a shield.

Skills -

Combat Masteries Tree
Sword Mastery (naturally): In order to raise sword mastery past Lvl. 5, Drizzt must first spend at least a single point into all other weapon masteries. This is to reflect his extensive training, and to symbolize the fact that he is deadly with ALL weapons. Sword Mastery must be raised to Lvl. 20 by the time Drizzt is Level 40.
Increased Speed: must be raised to a minimum of Lvl. 5, because Drizzt is very fast. Increased Stamina may not be raised past Lvl. 1, because elves are not marathon runners!
Natural Resistance: must be raised to Lvl. 10 by Level 60, because drow are naturally magig-resistant. Iron skin may be raised to a maximum of Lvl. 5, due to Drizzt's superior skill at defending himself.
Total required points: 40 (42 if you count prerequisites)

Warcries Tree
Only Howl and Taunt seem appropriate, due to a drow's effect on enemy troops when they see him in action, and the fact that Drizzt taunts his enemies into attacking him on several occasions. None are required, however.
Total required points: 0

Combat skills Tree
DS - minimum of Lvl. 5 by Level 70. Should be self-explanatory.
L/LA - Drow nobles can levitate themselves through sheer willpower. However, this skill is not required to be pumped, as Drizzt slowly lost him ability to levitate once he came to the overworld.
WW - Of course, the "Dance of Death" style is required to be used (in other words, no highlighting enemies when you begin WW). Must be Lvl. 20 by Level 99.
Berserk - Optional: may only be used against act bosses and specific drizzt quest bosses, except where noted otherwise.
Total required points: 25 (30 if you count prerequisites)
Grand total required points (including prerequisites): 72

Optional skills -
Other weapon masteries
High level Increased Speed
High level Natural Resistance
High level Double Swing
High Level L/LA (LA may not exceed L's skill Lvl.)

Quest will be in a different post. Tell me what you think.

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