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What you're missing

October 9 2003 at 9:57 PM
Van  (no login)
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Response to Curious


What you're omitting is that from the start, the GOP attempted (successfully) to block ANY recount, and then used several stalling tactics along the way. THAT's why they should be considered worse.

The Florida rules stated that after a close election candidates may ask for recounts of any jurisdictions they choose. That's what Gore's campaign did. They stayed within the law.

The other stuff you mention (butterfly etc), IIRC, were people who wanted Gore to win, but was not Gore's campaign.

I agree that the FL SC was not right, I can't remember what they said exactly, but I remember my "huh?" They came to the right decision (continue recounting) but then overextended themselves by adding rather than just interpreting.

What eventually won the election was not a recount, but the lack of one. The GOP got the recounting slowed down enough that some members of the SCOTUS were concerned about FL losing its "safe haven" (meaning a result free from challenge from other states) if a full "equal protection" recount was done. Florida would have had another month to figure out its winner if not for the safe haven clause.

The stall tactics worked.

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  1. There was a recount, several in fact. - Ozymandous on Oct 10, 4:24 AM
    1. Nope, none - Van on Oct 10, 6:29 AM
      1. Splitting hairs - Ozymandous on Oct 10, 8:25 AM
        1. OK, let's set the record straight - Occhi on Oct 10, 10:36 AM
        2. yes - Griselda on Oct 10, 4:04 PM
          1. They had that - Van on Oct 10, 4:46 PM
            1. not a recount - Griselda on Oct 10, 5:55 PM
              1. Ah! Sorry! (explanation) - Van on Oct 10, 8:04 PM
          2. Another idea... - Ozymandous on Oct 10, 4:49 PM
            1. Been saying it for years :) - Pete on Oct 10, 5:19 PM
              1. No one home? - Ozymandous on Oct 11, 11:11 AM
            2. Well...if it isn't an Urban Legend... - Lissa on Oct 10, 6:09 PM
              1. Not an Urban Legend - Doc on Oct 10, 8:06 PM
        3. Maybe I understand you; please try again with me - Van on Oct 10, 9:47 PM
          1. Ask and ye shall receive...the Florida Election Laws - Lissa on Oct 11, 9:47 AM
            1. Also (note, these two PDFs are after the fact)... - Lissa on Oct 11, 9:55 AM
          2. Thoughts. - Ozymandous on Oct 11, 11:46 AM
            1. Feelings - Van on Oct 21, 9:39 PM
              1. I completely agree with you - Occhi on Oct 23, 6:43 AM
  2. Please explain to me - Occhi on Oct 10, 6:24 AM
    1. That part was valid - Van on Oct 10, 6:47 AM
    2. For your edification - Occhi on Oct 10, 9:06 AM
      1. Thank you - Van on Oct 10, 9:30 AM
        1. Yep, we see aye to aye on that one. (NT) - Occhi on Oct 10, 10:31 AM
      2. Okay... interested in your opinion - Van on Oct 10, 10:20 PM
        1. Yeah, I read that stuff a while back - Occhi on Oct 14, 6:19 AM
          1. Underhandedness was the topic - Van on Oct 19, 9:23 PM
            1. So what? - Occhi on Oct 20, 6:40 AM
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