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Placing blame.

October 28 2003 at 4:47 PM
Ozymandous  (no login)
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Response to Yo, Oz, read and heed

Yeah Occhi, I went to school (apparently the tail end of it based on stories my wife, 10 years younger than myself, tells) where my 2nd grade teacher paddled the butt of the class bully when he didn't do what she had told him to do. She paddled him in front of the class and everything! We all laughed, he cried, but you know what? he never bullied anyone again and was a nice kid after that.

That story would never happen today because 1) the teacher would get fired, 2) the school would be sued and 3) they'd probably bring in "greif counselors" to talk to the poor students who had such a traumatic experience. Speaking of "greif counselors", I also had two classmates die while I was in school, one in 9th grade and one the summer before Senior year, and I am not talking "faceless numbers" here because our graduating class was 74 folks. I knew BOTH of the guys who died, and never ONCE did anyone say anything about "greif counselors." Bad things sometimes happen to good people but life moves on.

See, I know what worked in school and what didn't. Yes I understand some of our schools are in dire, desperate straits. Schools are falling apart, some in 'condemned' condition but still open, some with text books from the 1960's.

My question is why? Don't we have a part of our government that is NAMED after what these schools do? WTF do we have schools in this condition then? WTF are we more concerned with teaching "how people are killing the planet", instead of making sure students can write, spell, and count accurately? This is my problem.

What is happening to all the money that these run-down schools are getting? Is it that they aren't getting enough? Are these schools and the districts they are in suffering from poor management regarding school administrators? What's the problem?

As you've mentioned people are desperately trying to find any loophole in the system to get their kids OUT of these schools and districts so why should they have to pay for such shoddy products, and let's face it, getting an "education" is receiving a product, some are good most are not.

Here's where our philosophy's differ, you see the failure of these schools as "our" fault, I prefer to blame the people who are responsible for making sure they are run correctly, i.e. the DoEd and the local administrators. By all means give the people the power of CHOICE! What's the worst that can happen, these schools fail and close? So suddenly you have a 'market', with HUGE amounts of money and no local source for people to spend it on. What happens next? A new supplier moves in, with new equipment, and dedication to making *sure* that quality product is delivered so they can keep the cash coming in, or better yet, GAIN business!

Seems like a simple idea to me.

If there wasn't a precident of private and semi-private companies managing schools where the students grades and test scores rose this might be a different issue, but there is such a precident! Heck, even some of the "bad" schools in terms of facilities and scores/grades can be turned around with efficient and good managers, but there HAS TO BE some incentive to get rid of the school officials who don't care or don't try to make things better. I figure if these administrators have to make SURE the students learn, and have good quality teachers, to get their pay or find a new job maybe some of these autocrat's who drive $50,000 car's and make $200,000 a year while their schools collapse from lack of maintenance, will get a clue of GTFO.

Yeah I am probably idealistic and naieve in this, but the idea seems simple, and has been proven to work IF you can take out or minimize the DoEd and especially the teachers unions who are more concerned with keeping teachers in their jobs than making sure they DO their jobs.

By the way, did you see the "$100k teaching salary" story in the news the other day? If not, see if you can find it, I thought it was very interesting, where some bright governor finally realized that teaching is a job and is willing to pay teachers what they deserve providing they achieve the required results, have NO union affiliation, and are willing to be hired/fired if they do/don't do the job they are there to perform. Basically treating the teachers like professionals, with all the benefits and potential liabilities that goes along with it.

Pay for performance, simple concept.

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