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Just in case you are considering a second career

October 29 2003 at 7:33 AM
Occhi  (no login)
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Response to As seldom as possible :)

As a secretary, a few suggested do's and don'ts for the male secretary in today's enlightened age:

1. Don't wear backless outfits unless you want to shave or wax your back with great frequency, or get a Nair(TM) addiction.

2. Mini-skirts are not considered appropriate attire unless you both have the legs for it, a very open minded boss, and are otherwise reserved/modest in your decorum in general. See above on the waxing and shaving as well.

3. Making coffee is an option, padding the expense account with too many Starbuck's runs or deliveries can get dangerous, depending on how the boss likes her secretary. Tea is seen as very European in some businesses, might be best to keep it available or low profile depending on the clientele base.

4. Wearing muscle T-shirts in the front office is a no-no, even in the casual tech fields. Again, the waxing issue arises.

5. Listening to sports talk radio shows in the front office is still considered very bad for company image. NPR is good in some places, but the CD player with the bosses favorites is still the best choice. Def Leppard rarely a good choice, unless they are a client.

6. Yes, if your boss makes a pass at you, you can charge her with sexual harassment, but you'd be better off letting your wife loose on her: that way, problem solved, no blood on your resume, and you save a bundle in lawyers fees and retainers. Meow? If he makes a pass at you, feel free to punch his lights out have the wife do likewise. Some things have not changed, yet.

7. Typing is still a required skill, though your boss may be faster on the keyboard than you.

8. Using your black belt in Judo or your skills as a fencer to keep unwanted visitors out of the front office is considered within the job description, however, use of choke holds with a night stick is recommended only as a last resort. Pressure points are a better approach, where practicable.

9. If the boss gets fired, see points one and two and consider shaving/waxing again as the new boss arrives and you endeavour to convice him/her that it was not your fault. See your comments, and Shadow's, on how likely it is that you will be believed.

10. Beards in the front office: ask the boss, this one is very much a matter of personal taste.

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