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Missing the point?

October 29 2003 at 11:48 AM
Ozymandous  (no login)
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Response to Learning and Training: A small rant

I agree with the "you have to pique their interest" thing, see my reply above for some of that, but you're still placing blame in the wrong area, IMHO.

A slice of the puzzle, but remember what public schools boil down to.

Yep, I know, a place where public money is spent, supposedly with the trust and faith that the money is spent on programs that actually educate with facts and figures, and not crapscience, and "feel good lessons". Not pork, not local poliitics, but a honest product from the system.

Public money, and that means politics. So, dear Ozy, the failure really is OURS! We the people don't want to get into the fight enough, and don't want to pay for what we want in the public schools, so how is it that we "want" to pay for it in a private shcool?

Sorry but no. The DoEd basically runs, or should run, like the State Department. A different head person, but all the "career people" run the sho and make sure that facts and figures are taught, that schools get the money they need to be maintained or built as needed, that there are RESULTS achieved for all the money sent to the local schools, and to hold the local schools accountable for what they spend the money on and to make sure kids graduate each grade knowing what they are supposed to. That's what the DoEd should be doing. What it's really doing is anyone's guess.

Public money =! politics, where do you get that idea? Do the voters directly influence what minor flunky/manager is hired at the DoEd? No. Do the voters directly influence why a school can't get rid of a crappy teacher or not reward a good teacher because all the teachers have to be paid the same due to unions? No.

Stop blaming the taxpayers because we pay the money expecting someone in the government to have half a clue and spend it well. You say we don't pay enough for what we want?? HTF do you figure that when we spend more, per student now, than ever in our history???

Is it the taxpayers fault that the system is inefficient, bloated, can't get rid of the deadwood, has school admin's being payed WAY to much, has schools that can't won't be torn down and rebuilt because some politician has a deal with some maintenance company, etc??? Not hardly.

Your "not willing to pay the cost" is complete bunk tht can be disproven with three words: Private/charter Schools. If parents aren't willing to pay for their kids to get what they deserve then there would be no kids in private schools at all. If Private/charter schools failed to offer a superior product at LESS COST PER STUDENT than public schools then thre wouldn't be any of them open. The single fact remains that the education system as a whole is bloated and generally fails to deliver what it should.

You claim that "we failed" to fix the system, but when people don't want to pay for and support a broken system anymore and want to actually "pay for performance" in a private school, or reward a public schol that does work, that we're making the problem worse? Oh please. How many unions are you trying to support here Occhi? Since when does protecting the jobs of the people at the poor schools matter more than making sure kids get a GOOD education, and allowing parents to have a choice????

Competition is what makes MOST things run better, operate more eficiently, and increases the "bang for the buck" factor. This even works in the education 'field' as mentionedwhen you look at the performance of public vs. private schools. Why on Earth would we want to kep the same monopoly in power that is delivering the same or worse crappy results each year?

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