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Well, here's my reasoning...

November 16 2003 at 11:59 AM
LemmingofGlory  (no login)
from IP address

Response to In the case of the two boys


One was raping, the other was helping hold the woman down. Shooting both was par for the course in my book.

My philosophy: If your stupid ass is in the midst of a crime that threatens somebody else, a civillian is free to do whatever necessary to neutralize you.
However, I would draw a line at cruelty.

Application 1:
You break into my house and do not identify yourself as a family member or a law enforcement officer. We both know that you don't belong there. I know it. You know it. You chose to take the risk. If a scuffle ensues and I end up lopping your head off with a shovel, you decided to enter my house. You took your life into your hands.

Now, in this situation, cruelty would involve knocking him out, duct taping him, and rubbing salt into his eyes when he wakes up. Or supergluing his asscheeks together. Or smearing feces on his face until the cops arrive. This would be cruel, and therefore wrong.

Application 2:
If you and your dumbshit friend are holding down a woman and raping her, I'm gonna neutralize BOTH of you rotten assholes. I don't care that one of you is just "holding her down." You're assisting in a violent crime and I am not going to take two seconds to consider "Is it excessive force to cap the one who's not actively humping?" I am not a police officer. I have not been trained to remain calm in such a situation. I will unleash pure disaster to stop you.

Once again: Both of you decided to rape her. Even if the second one wasn't going to get his rocks off, he still decided to assist in the crime. He knows it's wrong. He's a willing participant. If I can stop him from getting away and it takes a bullet to do it, that's just what it takes.

So, in this situation, Doc, I think it'd be cruel to round 'em up and shoot off their willies. But I'd be perfectly happy if you wanted to aim for their crotch.

[o: LEMMING :o]

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