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December 8 2003 at 7:43 AM
Shadow  (Login ShadowHM)
from IP address

Response to Slacker progress & ponderings


Having Slacklight as the designated chest kicker and barrel slayer sounds fine to me.

Query on game style/tactics:

This is my first 'team' effort in D2. Team efforts in D1 were much easier to sort out in terms of where to go and who leads.

In general, the tank leads and the others follow, picking off the monsters whaling on the tank. Now in this game, we have no tanks. We are all rather fragile (some more so than others - *grins at the nekkid dancer in the crowd*).

I had been thinking that it would be more a matter of what skills are being developed to make that determination about who goes first. And, since TyeFune's skill is the one that both slows down the monsters AND has to be close to hit them, I had assumed that he had to lead. Would there be a better candidate? And can we find a pattern of attack that we can (in general) stick to that works most effectively and gets us killed the least often?

I know that there are times and places where splitting up is a Good Thing™, but I am asking about the normal pattern for our group to adopt.


Even on the splitting up part - I know that when we diverged in the Ancient's Way, TyeFune was incredibly grateful for the presence of VandyGraff near him. Happy feet I am trying to achieve, but I am not as good at it as I would like. Thunderstorm whacking at the monsters that strayed too close was a fine thing, as was the constant healing from her mercenary.

What I am getting at in this is that when we do split up, there will be some 'micro-teams' that work better together than others. Can we talk about what they might be so as to be more effective when those times arrive too?

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