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Ask Charis (or KoP?)

August 31 2001 at 8:31 AM
LemmingofGlory  (Login LemmingofGlory)
Realms Beyond Diablo
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"Cat Lord" quest... Specifies Deathspit, Chaoshowler, and Diablo must die. No mention of Plaguewrath. He's targeted for killing in Nightmare difficulty under a previous quest, however. Why let him live in Hell Diff? I understand the idea of getting rid of endless boss hunts (*flashbacks of Batham trying to find Nightwing and Floaty(AMZ-SQL) trying to find various caves bosses*), but, I dunno, it just seems like if two dog bosses die, they all should!



Aside from the spells all Dragons can use (the utility ones), are the only spells allowed to Draconians those that are listed in their growth process? i.e. ...

Metallica Dragon starts with Fire Bolt, then moves on to ---, and etc. Are this his only spells? It seems like they should be... Not nitting or commenting; just need to clarify this.

Also, certain breaths must be learned in order to advance. When can these be used? Whenever they are learned, or...?



Hmm, did this undergo some editing in the Charis Chop Shop? (It has quests now?? Wha-?) The version differs from the Asylum version... Hey, if there's a "Lum" rune, why isn't there an "Asy" rune? And furthermore, I demand "Oy" and a "Vey" runes! Maybe even a "Ming" rune, too... Eh, ok, ok, I'll get to the point.

"The snobbish muscle mage may use any of the approved SNOB spells, should they choose to pay a price. For each SNOB spell that they would not have access to as a muscle mage, they must vow, for the duration of the game, to never cast one of the muscle mage spells that they are permitted. They may only sacrifice a muscle mage spell if they have not used it in the current game. Such is the sacrifice that must be made."

So, SNOB MM is given an easier time in general? "Azure drakes. Ok, I won't use Telekinesis in this game. Now I can flash 'em to death when I'm not even doing item recovery! Whee!" Eh, kinda weird there.

As a useless side note, my still-small SNOB-MM (clvl 17 or so) has his own personal style for spell-assisted item recovery. He's a... Bolt Master! Yes, when Item Recovery strikes - You know, that urgent need to get your gear back right in the heat of battle! - he whips out Fire Bolt, Charged Bolt, and Holy Bolt! And for special occasions, Blood Star! What could be more elite?! 8)

(Yeah, yeah "Fire Bolt's not elite" but how many Bolt Masters are there, hmm? And he can't be a Bolt Master without being able to command Fire Bolt!)

Thinking of possibly using Guardian during recoveries later on, although he wouldn't be as Masterly with bolts if he had to delegate his killing to little dragon guys. Perhaps they could serve as a defensive zone. Set up Guard Swarm™ then run off and try to do recovery. If all else fails, run back to the Guard Swarm™ for safety (assuming the Guards haven't been killed due to time limit)... Eh, I really need to get back to playing him.


And just *what* is THIS? I found it on the Immortal Heroes page. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

All-Too-Mortal Heroes

Class: Makes No Difference
Tag: AMH or put "Legit" in your name (if the latter, be sure to obtain a GPoW or a mace to wear in the hole in your head before you start playing)

If the character dies, that’s IT! That character must stop right there and whine, bitch, and moan for help. Then start a new character and try again. (Be sure to use a nauseatingly common name; good names are hard to come up with.)

The game is played straight through (99% of the time in just one sitting). No restarts in town (You don't know how to do that anyway.) or new games to redo levels to gain experience or equipment or to beef up your playing skills so you can finally kill that Fallen One that keeps laughing at you. In single mode the game is saved after you get yourself trapped in a hopeless mess and restarted at the same point at the beginning of the next. In multi mode, the game is exited when character level 2, 4, 6, or 8 is reached and a new game is never started with the same character.

[o: *LEMMING* :o]

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