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KoP - Equipment for Summons

February 25 2004 at 1:32 PM
Shadow  (Login ShadowHM)
from IP address


Field testing as requested will still be undertaken, but the information I could find is thus:

Shadow Warrior Equipment:

SWarriors get all their bonuses at level one.
-Magical Blade Talons on their left hand
-Magical Cestus on their right hand
-Magical version of the your own armor's base item (eg. if you wore Greyform, they would spawn with a magical version of Quilted Armor)
-Magical version of your own helm's base item

Shadow Master Equipment:
At level 1
-Superior Suwayyah/War Fist/Scissors Suwayyah on their right hand
-Superior Battle Cestus/Runic Talon on their left hand
-Superior version of your own armor's base item

At level 5
-Superior Bramble Mitts/Vambraces/Orge Gauntlets

At level 6
-All equipment upgraded to magic

At level 9
-Magical right ring

At level 11
-All equipment upgraded to rare

At level 13
-Add rare left ring

At level 17
-Add rare amulet

Valkyrie Equipment:

slvl-01: full plate + spear
slvl-02: add gauntlets
slvl-04: add greaves
slvl-05: add plated belt
slvl-07: upgrade: chaos armour (rare)
slvl-08: upgrade: lance (rare)
slvl-10: upgrade: war gauntlents
slvl-11: upgrade: war boots
slvl-12: upgrade: war belt
slvl-13: add amulet
slvl-14: add circlet
slvl-16: upgrade: sacred armour (rare)
slvl-17: upgrade: war pike (rare)
slvl-19: upgrade: crusader gauntlets (rare)
slvl-21: upgrade: myrmidon greaves (rare)
slvl-23: upgrade: colossus girdle (rare)
slvl-25: upgrade: amulet (rare)
slvl-27: upgrade: tiara (rare)

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(Login KingOfPain)
Realms Beyond Administrator

Thank you for the info :)

February 26 2004, 3:43 AM 

Now, Delirium would be a fun hat (Attract Charges) for GoGoGadget but I still can't see how people claim it's a game breaking/uber hat. It is a good hat no less.

As a hat for mercs, I think a rogue merc might benefit the most from it... if it works with bows. Please test.

Of special interest for testing Delirium's "CtC on striking" are throwing weapons/bows, Blade Fury/Sentinel, Smite and Hammer (Almost sure it won't work with hammers)

Have fun with the hat. It will be a while before GGG get to that Clvl. Mostly funding problems ;p


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(Login ShadowHM)

It worked with SneakyShadow's Bow. n/t

February 26 2004, 4:54 AM 

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February 26 2004, 12:56 PM 

There's a currently unresolved issue with creatures confused by way of Delirium and whether or not you get experience for them. It works fine ranged, though.

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