FOR SALE or WANTED only. This board is for COMPLETE, turn-key, ready-to-run vintage hydroplane or race boat
or for COMPLETE boat that need's restoration .
Do NOT post parts, cowlings, trailers, etc. on this board. You post will be deleted. (Use the Parts Board).
All ads posted that are over 1 year old will be deleted.
community center posting photo/link?

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This website is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any transaction that takes place between the buyer and seller.
I am ONLY providing this forum as a place for folks to advertise that they are selling or looking for a vintage race boat.
Buyers/Sellers - DO NOT use this forum to discuss any part of the transaction or it will be removed. Please contact each other DIRECTLY and keep those discussions off this board!
SELLERS - To keep the board from getting cluttered, I will REMOVE your post if you simply post a response to your ad, that your boat has sold or is off the market.
Or you can simply email the webmaster and ask to have your ad deleted. Easy to do & No problem at all to do it. Please HELP keep the board clean & up to date.
Also, PLEASE don't post multiple ads. If you want your ad to go back to the top of the board, simply posting a response to your ad, will move it back to the top.
I will remove ads that are older than 1 year. Feel free to re list if your boat hasn't sold after one year.

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