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March 19 2012 at 11:01 AM
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Response to be very concerned


It's called "passion" something you never had and would know nothing about.. Mike is an old time hockey coach/player... someone who you should take notes on... I know all of you "new liberal parents of today" know all there is about playing hockey and being a coach... "How dare he yell at my little Johnny" and "That coach is too mean, making them skate like that"... You people have no idea what it takes to play this game and be successful at it...especially at the younger levels where it is paramount to instill good discipline and work ethics in these kids so maybe one day they can be successful?! You all sit there behind your computers and judge this guy...put on a pair of skates and get your lazy asses out on the ice and do what he does and let's see how easy it is. I know MOST of you have no idea how much dedication and hard work it takes to make a AAA team or college team.. and I said MOST NOT ALL... so before you start on your rants.... take what I say with a grain of salt please. Most parents just pay the tab and run off at the mouth about the coaches or ice time etc... but do you ever sit back and look at how much time the coaches dedicate to teaching your kid(s) this game? The guy deserves credit for who he is and what he does not bullshit badmouthing... If the guy really does something bad (Ie: hits a kid or threatens a kid) then by all means he should be bad mouthed and disciplined but to yell at a kid and make him dig deeper and try harder... that makes him a bad coach?? I would love to have a guy like that coaching my kid all day long. Lastly if the big bad coach is too mean then maybe little Johnny should try another sport because hockey is a tough sport, mentally and physically and if you as a parent can't understand that or little Johnny can't hack it then get out...plain and simple, no other way to say it. Thank you.

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