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Re another former Blues parent

March 20 2012 at 9:11 AM
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Response to Re: Just the facts


Your post is thouhtful and well-reasoned. I, too, stopped posting for many months because of the negative vibe from people with an agenda.

We left asnother program after several years to come to the Blues. During that time, my son has developed exponentially as a player. Moreover, his work ethic and discipline have improved dramatically due to excellent coaching and time commitment, and his already-strong team skills were further enhanced.

We chose the Blues over firm AAA opportunities and have not regretted that decision one bit. If my son leaves the Blues, it will be for HS hockey, not because of some inadequacy of the program. He does not intend to compete for a D1 spot, and so the program has provided all that we expected.

For those who want to play the highest level AA hockey that can compete against most AAA teams, the Blues offer wonderful choices at multiple levels for a fraction of the AAA cost.

I firmly believe that the unhappy posters here have sons who did not make the top teams or were bumped out from former spots by newly arriving players. Among local CSDHL teams and 2 AAA teams, one will find several former Blues, most of whom were cut or were marginal players.

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