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a trolls dream.... a doubleheader !

July 23 2012 at 4:53 PM
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#59- If you must have kids playing hockey to be on the HS threads or CH how can most hockey players, fans, or students participate in the posting activities? Be honest, you didn't think that one through did you. Also, you keep referring to the 'Dreams'. Is that because the only dreams you have climax with a nocturnal emission? See a doctor about that they have a cure. Most others do have dreams about reaching goals in their lifetime.

#189- (I'll call you 'Shortbus')
I may have poor writing skills as you say, but what about your Comprehension skills? Gee, look at the post directly above yours. The one where in the last sentence it states that I don't have kids. Try to get you primitive cranial matter around that concept. Repetition is the key for slow learners. Here's another tidbit. All young people don't believe that HS hockey is that wonderful. You don't have to be an old parent or play AAA to have that opinion.

P.S.-The comment about the 2 HSers that stepped it up to play AAA did take 'intestinal fortitude' to go beyond their comfort zone. On the other hand you wouldn't understand that either because your idea of stepping it up entails scratching your nuts while you try to persuade people to leave with your keyboard. Another epic fail on your behalf. LMAO

later ladies !

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