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Generator / waterpump noise impacts ...

May 26 2011 at 12:08 PM

Barry Bridgeford  (Login BarryBB)
from IP address

We've just received an email from an ABR member who had a weekend camping trip's peace and quite impacted by the noise of a cottage leaseholder's gasoline powered generator and/or waterpump. While the source of the noise was on an adjacent lake, the noise carried through the landscape and ruined the camping experience.

These concerns have been forwarded to park management. They are actively looking into the situation and will be getting back to us.

However, at this time I'm asking if anyone's ever experienced that kind of noise impact. If so, please post a description of the situation (where, when, etc.). We're trying to get some indication if this is a common experience, a repeated situation or just an isolated incident.

Barry Bridgeford
Executive Committee
Algonquin Backcountry Recreationalists

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Rory MacKay
(no login)

assumption may not be correct

July 13 2011, 10:07 PM 

The person who made the complaint and you as well have assumed that the generator came from a leasehold. Now that may well be the case, but on the other hand it may not be the case. The generator use (assuming that was what it was) took place at a time when there are many people using the Park. The trip log related to the incident referred to outboard motors belonging to leaseholders, but fishermen do bring motors to the lake in question, and such use is permitted in the early Spring. It is possible that people other than leaseholders were at fault.

I have read the trip log where many negative comments were made about leaseholders. The writer is entitled to his opinions. I have addressed my concerns with him and he has chosen not to respond. However,I would think greater care should be taken when suggesting who is to blame when the facts are not yet in. I know this was an oversight, as you are generally very careful.

Brian Maltman
(no login)

Generator/ waterpump noise

September 1 2011, 9:05 AM 


The report of noise heard from an interior campsite, likely coming from or near Little Cauchon Lake, came to the attention of the Algonquin Park Residents Association. I am APRA's Past President. We were very concerned that there appeared to be an assumption that this noise originated from a cottage leasehold, so we investigated. The entire Executive and Advisory Council of APRA wanted to know what happened and to report back to your forum, no matter what took place. If the source of the noise was one of our community, we would be having a serious conversation with them. If it was not, then we needed to clarify this.

Our northern lakes representative, Bud Doering (Cedar Lake) spoke to each of the leaseholders on Little Cauchon Lake. None of them was at their cottage when the noise incident occurred, nor was anyone in their families. They do have generators, and are very conscious of when to use them and when not to.

One possible explanation for the noise was someone car camping at Daventry, the site of an old village on the now abandoned CN rail line on the north side of Little Cauchon Lake. The use of this site as a campsite is a regular occurrence according to the folks on Little Cauchon.

We have heard also that the MNR investigated and concluded that the noise did not originate from a cottage leasehold, but I am not aware if there was anything concluded beyond that.

Cottage leaseholders in Algonquin know that we must continue to earn our place in the Park and we are committed to doing that. That includes blending in and supporting a quiet environment, helping out when we can, maintaining and supporting Park values. The canoe reigns supreme!

Barry, it was good to see you again a couple of weeks ago when my friends and I finished our annual canoe trip at Canoe Lake. There is so much that our two communities have in common. Many of us first came to Algonquin canoe tripping, and are still doing it. I too am excited about the possibility of a Skills Centre being built near the west gate. This has been on the Park's "wish list" for a long time, and is an appropriate initiative given the changing demographics of Park visitors. The leasehold community is looking for ways to help make this happen.


Brian Maltman, Source Lake


Barry Bridgeford
(Login BarryBB)

Investigation completed ...

January 25 2012, 7:26 PM 

On January 20th, as part of an updating of outstanding issues, park management advised the ABR .. "Investigation has been completed. There was no evidence to proceed with charges under the Provincial Parks and Conversations Reserves Act. Use of generators is permitted by cottage leaseholders as per Management Plan."

Barry Bridgeford
Executive Committee
Algonquin Backcountry Recreationalists

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