We love our new environment. Be sure and visit
Thanks to Ken and Dick (Webmaster superb) for remembering StarPuppy's last salute
and for letting Auntie be a part of this program.

Auntie Dobe R. Mann welcomes you to the Yakbouts Forum!

The purpose of Yakabouts! is to Yak about "DoberToons!, taking the place of our robot-ruined guest book. Feel free to yak/ post anything like Doberman humor, funny things your Dobe has done or does, cartooning, Dobie art, Interesting Dobe Websites, and similar subjects. Yakabouts! will only be to discuss subjects like these... Since this is my place to yak about anything connected with DoberToons, Auntie will be happy to yak about any ?s cc the toons or whatever related.... That's why Yakabouts! is here! So don't be shy, Yak about these Doberbits....We don't bite!
(A special warm fuzzy thanks to Carol Minkus for setting this Forum up for us and telling Auntie how to work in it.
Without her & Drewman, none of the DoberToons! nonsense would have happened!)

Annie's Flea Market.

Truman the DoberDude!
Funny funny site of Doberman Humor.
Truman is now gone, but his memory lives on in this smiling tribute.

Our K-9 Dobe-boy !

Click on him to visit our
Veterans DoberToons tribute link page!
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