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June 9 2008 at 10:39 AM

Auntie DRM  (Login AuntieDobeRManntoo)

Response to The Doberman Gang Movies

(This email was sent to me by "Christina". I've reprinted it here, along with the answer. ADRM.)

The movies have been shelved by (I think) HBO who bought them. The two movies, "The Doberman Gang" and "the Amazing Dobermans" were the first and third done on the theme of these Dobermans. The second was "The Daring Dobermans".
The composer of the first two movies music was Alan Silverstri. I've forgotten the publisher. The two songs you want are from the first movie. The "Dog Honest Gang" is peppy and fun, "Someone" a beautiful ballad with tear jerk lyrics.
The composer of the music of the second movie was Richard Ragland, who also owned the publishing rights, "Doberman Music Inc". I was able to locate him personally for permission to use his music. Although I tried to get permission to use the very songs you like so well, I could not afford the price they wanted. I had located the publisher, but could only gain contact by mail access to the composer, and the letter I wrote to him was never answered.
I'm also a musician, and wrote out the music that Devian Zikra made my midi files from, which saved me a bundle, and I also wrote out the other ones. I also have the lyrics to the "Doghonest gang" buried somewhere in my basement which I'll be happy to send you if I ever find them. Sad, but the publishers would rather have those songs fade into obscurity than let someone like me use them. Yes, they could be used and recorded, but the price is very expensive. My simple comment to you is keep tooned to Ebay, those movies of "The Doberman Gang" surface all the time... It seems a lot of them somehow were rented but never returned. And too, there are folks "out there in cyberland" who make copies.
You can locate a tech who will put them on tape or cd for you, if you can convince them to do this. Since the music is under copyright, many places won't do this. If you can convince them you only want this for sentimental personal reasons, then you can probably get them. Good luck, Auntie

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