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June 27 2008 at 11:47 AM

Auntie Dobe R. Mann  (Login AuntieDobeRManntoo)

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Well Ole' Auntie is durn glad you stumbled upon our site too!I really enjoyed (and still do) these movies...the plots were not the most cerebral, but oh those Dobermans. The scene that will always be marvelous to me was when they jumped from one building to another over the alley in "The Daring Dobermans", one Dobe didn't quite make it, and his buddy went back, grabbed the knapsack and pulled him to safety. Or the scene from the "Amazing Dobermans" where the one Doberman carried a little dog to safety in a basket, through a ring of fire. These were done before computer enhancement, so the dogs actually did all these things.

One DoberToons fan (Scott) told me he met the man who trained the Dobes, and they were actually trained with those pitched whistles. So, although they are many moons old, these movies still portray the brilliant training and mentality of the Doberman.

Otay, here you be with the lyrics you seek I think most are correct but it's been a while!....ok let's all sing along!

They..... were .....the.....

dog honest gang, that a man can ever see, all of them are animals, just like you and me---
a breed unto themselves, to match 'em there are none, famous foe was/as man's best friend, public enemy number one.

Folks that bet their bark was much bigger than their bite, all of them fur-ious and none of them too bright...
they may not win blue ribbons, for knowing what they know, but they should steal the prizes for doing what they do...

They were the dog honest gang...ect.

Sorry about the two edits, but I wanted to add a comment about the part you want.

The "was/as" I'm not sure of. to make sense, it would probably be: (the) famous foes (were) man's best friend... (now are) public enemy #1.

The variable speed tape recorder I had no longer works, so I can't slow down the tape. This word I could not determine.
P.S. Your torment is ended! Keep 'tooned, Auntie Dobe R. Mann

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