Nice gnews!

February 3 2012 at 11:56 AM

Auntie DRM  (Premier Login AuntieDobeRManntoo)
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Thas' so nice!
Response to We dundidit


Corngradylations to y'all on the new erival! Durn, that corn licker in mom's morning cawfee makes everyone a Dobie lover!
Weuns still hangin in here at the Dobe Hangout (Formerly Auntie's Rescidence)
The toons continue to be neglected, but hopefully that will change later this month. Auntie continues to work 2 jobs, and is almost finished with a commissioned oil painting. So there is just no place for the toons at this time, the $$s have to take president. HOwsoevah, when the painting is finished, (No it's not Dobermans, it's a 6 peice latin jazz band) on a 36X24 canvas)
Just for fun Auntie is enclosing a pic of the last commissioned painting she dun, "Reflections on Puerto Rico". Unfortunately the paintings done't take pitcher too good, the paints being so shiney, they reflect the flash so the colors don't photygaff true. so use imagination when viewing.
Enyway, the DoberToons! book will be underway as soon as the aforementioned painting is finished, and so this will be continued.
Woofies, Auntie and the DoberToons


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