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The Doberman Gang Movies

June 9 2008 at 10:19 AM

Auntie DRM  (Login AuntieDobeRManntoo)

You have a very lovely site. I am looking for mp3's of Dog Honest Gang and Someone from the first Movie...The Doberman Gang. Do you happen to have them available for download, or could you send me them? I love the two songs so much and can't find them anywhere.
Thank You soooo much,Ann

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Auntie DRM
(Login AuntieDobeRManntoo)

Doberman gang movies music

June 9 2008, 10:39 AM 

(This email was sent to me by "Christina". I've reprinted it here, along with the answer. ADRM.)

The movies have been shelved by (I think) HBO who bought them. The two movies, "The Doberman Gang" and "the Amazing Dobermans" were the first and third done on the theme of these Dobermans. The second was "The Daring Dobermans".
The composer of the first two movies music was Alan Silverstri. I've forgotten the publisher. The two songs you want are from the first movie. The "Dog Honest Gang" is peppy and fun, "Someone" a beautiful ballad with tear jerk lyrics.
The composer of the music of the second movie was Richard Ragland, who also owned the publishing rights, "Doberman Music Inc". I was able to locate him personally for permission to use his music. Although I tried to get permission to use the very songs you like so well, I could not afford the price they wanted. I had located the publisher, but could only gain contact by mail access to the composer, and the letter I wrote to him was never answered.
I'm also a musician, and wrote out the music that Devian Zikra made my midi files from, which saved me a bundle, and I also wrote out the other ones. I also have the lyrics to the "Doghonest gang" buried somewhere in my basement which I'll be happy to send you if I ever find them. Sad, but the publishers would rather have those songs fade into obscurity than let someone like me use them. Yes, they could be used and recorded, but the price is very expensive. My simple comment to you is keep tooned to Ebay, those movies of "The Doberman Gang" surface all the time... It seems a lot of them somehow were rented but never returned. And too, there are folks "out there in cyberland" who make copies.
You can locate a tech who will put them on tape or cd for you, if you can convince them to do this. Since the music is under copyright, many places won't do this. If you can convince them you only want this for sentimental personal reasons, then you can probably get them. Good luck, Auntie

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June 26 2008, 4:00 PM 

Thank goodness I stumbled across this site. I've been haunted by this song for years because I've never been able to make out all the words.

I've never been able to find the sheet music, but I've been able to construct most of the lyrics simply by watching the movie, however there has always been one line that has eluded me.




??????????????????????????????-MAN'S BEST FRIEND


Can you fill in the missing piece and put an end to my torment?


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Auntie Dobe R. Mann
(Login AuntieDobeRManntoo)

Sure nuff, here you be!

June 27 2008, 11:47 AM 

Well Ole' Auntie is durn glad you stumbled upon our site too!I really enjoyed (and still do) these movies...the plots were not the most cerebral, but oh those Dobermans. The scene that will always be marvelous to me was when they jumped from one building to another over the alley in "The Daring Dobermans", one Dobe didn't quite make it, and his buddy went back, grabbed the knapsack and pulled him to safety. Or the scene from the "Amazing Dobermans" where the one Doberman carried a little dog to safety in a basket, through a ring of fire. These were done before computer enhancement, so the dogs actually did all these things.

One DoberToons fan (Scott) told me he met the man who trained the Dobes, and they were actually trained with those pitched whistles. So, although they are many moons old, these movies still portray the brilliant training and mentality of the Doberman.

Otay, here you be with the lyrics you seek I think most are correct but it's been a while!....ok let's all sing along!

They..... were .....the.....

dog honest gang, that a man can ever see, all of them are animals, just like you and me---
a breed unto themselves, to match 'em there are none, famous foe was/as man's best friend, public enemy number one.

Folks that bet their bark was much bigger than their bite, all of them fur-ious and none of them too bright...
they may not win blue ribbons, for knowing what they know, but they should steal the prizes for doing what they do...

They were the dog honest gang...ect.

Sorry about the two edits, but I wanted to add a comment about the part you want.

The "was/as" I'm not sure of. to make sense, it would probably be: (the) famous foes (were) man's best friend... (now are) public enemy #1.

The variable speed tape recorder I had no longer works, so I can't slow down the tape. This word I could not determine.
P.S. Your torment is ended! Keep 'tooned, Auntie Dobe R. Mann

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Auntie Dobe R. Mann
(no login)

Ever had a song go through your head...over and over ect

July 3 2008, 2:12 PM 

Well that's been it ever since the request for the lyrics from the "Dog Honest Gang". I go around singing it to my Dobermans plus the two dobie "Guests" we have over the 4th. YOu know how it is when a song repeats itself time and time again...I guess theycall that a hook in the music bus. How hits are born. anyway....after perusing this stuff over and over in what remains of my brain,
I"ve come to the corn clusion that the lyrics are: "famous foes from man's best friend: Public enemy number one". This seems the most logical, since the dogs came from nowhere as man's best friend, to fame as public enemy #1. Seems logical, eh Spock?
Now I want to switch to: "He's a yankee Doodle Dobie, ect." for the 4th of July. Got to get that toon done! Woofies, Auntie

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Re: Lyrics

July 31 2011, 1:56 PM 


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Auntie Dobe R. Mann
(no login)

Many thanks for this info!

August 25 2011, 2:58 AM 

These words make a lot more sense! I listened to that darn song over and over and thought the wording I heard was silly, but then again, song lyrics often are. I thank you for this info....
incidently, I tried to get permission to use the song, but they wanted 250.00 a year to do it. Being this is a hobby site, and being not long on $, I didn't accept the "offer". Just like the folks who bought the rights and "retired" the movies, thus dooming the movies to rotting in a vault,they preferred to have an obscure song also "retired", eh? Regardless, they are fun movies, especially from the training side of a pack-O-Dobes. I had a tough enough time to get my six to hold a sit. But thank you again for this enlightenment! Woofies, Auntie DRM

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Dog Honest Gang lyric

September 25 2013, 6:34 AM 

"Famous both as man's best friend & public enemy number one". I'm 100% on this.

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heather burns
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I own The Doberman Gang Movie

November 28 2011, 4:39 PM 

I own The Doberman Gang Movie,how can I help you out?.

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