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what are the odds of this, thebob? (url, crossforum)mn on Oct 27
 btw, i'd like you to have a copy of m-w's definition of programmermn on Oct 27
  Never looked at it that way...TheBOB on Oct 28
   *glad you figured it out before you scrolled a 1:1 of lady liberty w/ only PSETmn on Oct 28
    *lol--I'm feeling better about myself with every post!TheBOB on Oct 28
     here's an idea or twomn on Oct 28
      one moremn on Oct 28
       *More food for thought--thanks!TheBOB on Oct 28
        * Are you getting fat yet Bob?Clippy on Oct 28
         *LOL--and even MORE food for thought! (Thinking actually causes me to lose weight).TheBOB on Oct 28
one more post to this subforummn on Oct 8
 *Hooray, a post! Thanks, menn!TheBOB on Oct 8
  *lol... ben said it wasnt possible to post here. (you're welcome?) :Dmn on Oct 9
   *i don't have javascript on, so, there you gomn on Oct 9
   BenBen on Oct 11
    Hey, Hi Ben...TheBOB on Oct 11
     Will you keep it activeBen on Oct 14
      That's really great, Ben...TheBOB on Oct 14
 *What is the purpose of this?Clippy on Oct 10
  already been explained. but here's a hint:mn on Oct 10
   Just wondered if you were still hangingClippy on Oct 10
    Don't use that emoticon.Pete on Oct 10
     Yeah...TheBOB on Oct 11
     Go right ahead!Clippy on Oct 12
     how's she doing, anyway?mn on Oct 12
      She hasn't posted here in more than a year...Clippy on Oct 12
       2 years, 11 months, 26 days, 4 hours, and 3 minutes...Pete on Oct 12
Here is ,qb64 animationGarry Ricketson on Jun 14
 *Love it! I got the one from Dropbox - music great, drawings fun. More! More!TheBOB on Jun 14
My SmileyGarry Ricketson on Jun 14
 *Amazing! Did you use some "Smiley creating software", or what?TheBOB on Jun 14
  How I made the smileyGarry Ricketson on Jun 14
   *Thanks for the software info -- I'll try them out.TheBOB on Jun 14
    Your WelcomeGarry Ricketson on Jun 21
     *You'regrammer not-z on Dec 21
      * grammarSpelling Police on Dec 25
AnimaxGarry Ricketson on Jun 6
 Yeah, sorry about that, Garry...TheBOB on Jun 7
  Ok thanksGarry Ricketson on Jun 7
   No, it will run in Windows...TheBOB on Jun 7
    I am using Linux, butGarry Ricketson on Jun 7
     Yeah, too bad - I forgot about Linux...TheBOB on Jun 7
      ThanksGarry Ricketson on Jun 7
    QBG2 ICONGarry Ricketson on Jun 7
     *Wow! Looks great - thanks for posting it :-)TheBOB on Jun 8
Could this be done without the spritesheetGarry Ricketson on Dec 27
 instead of a sprite sheet, you could put them in an arraymn64 on Dec 27
  Ok , selfcontained, is my goalGarry Ricketson on Dec 27
   Not sure what you're looking for Garry...TheBOB on Dec 27
    letters would help, here are a fewmn64 on Dec 27
    Neat Key BoardGarry Ricketson on Dec 28
     This is the progranGarry Ricketson on Dec 28
      Works pretty well, Garry...TheBOB on Dec 28
       grab another copy of my tutorialGarry Ricketson on Dec 29
        I should have specified ...TheBOB on Dec 29
         How to Write my own utilityGarry Ricketson on Dec 29
          Just to clarify...TheBOB on Dec 29
           *thanks, that helps!Garry Ricketson on Dec 29
new version of (simple) old program from 1990-somethingmn64 on Dec 17
 you can have so much fun tweaking stuff like this-- here's the "oils" versionmn64 on Dec 17
  and finally... the "elbow" versionmn64 on Dec 17
   Great stuff...TheBOB on Dec 17
favor to ask of thebobmn64 on Dec 13
 *Done :-).TheBOB on Dec 13
 But TheBOB is already ribbed...Dom, Con on Dec 17
  *LOL - not sure how you knew that, but yeah - the surgery's no fun, though.TheBOB on Dec 17
 "A little birdie told me."Pete on Dec 18
any public domain rgb->hsv routines out there?mn64 on Dec 13
textmode-flavor graphics routines (plus free example code)mn64 on Dec 5
 *Good stuff! Yayyy QB64!TheBOB on Dec 6
  i hope it works in qbasic too...mn64 on Dec 6
   *Runs fine in QBasic (under DOSBox), though more slowly, of course.TheBOB on Dec 6
    *hooray! thanksmn64 on Dec 6
  Liked this,Garry Ricketson on Dec 27
   glad!mn64 on Dec 27

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