Fine, luckily

by Lisztfr (no login)

I'm using it in a sub called "fprint" (bobby K's font program), but it works.

Disabling anti-aliasing in Windows (me) disables also anti-aliasing in M$ Words. That's nice, for my bitmap font...


Posted on Jul 30, 2008, 9:24 AM

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Now it's time to frame the bitmapLisztfr on Jul 31
 Sounds like it's coming along...TheBOB on Jul 31
  Ok, now building the arrayLisztfr on Jul 31
   *lol@horse-power -- good luck!TheBOB on Jul 31
    Get - illegal function call ...:(Lisztfr on Aug 1
     I had to increase the array ?!Lisztfr on Aug 1
      Having troubles here ...with PUTAnonymous on Aug 1
       Did you use GET or BLOAD to establish the Array data?Clippy on Aug 1
       I'm following the tutorial, section font and printing routinesLisztfr on Aug 1
       To begin with, 10 integers are not enough to hold a 26x28 pixel character...TheBOB on Aug 1
        About the first two elements in the array...TheBOB on Aug 1
         I got confused about the height value or the array indexClippy on Aug 1
          *Exactly ;-)TheBOB on Aug 1
         Still in big troubles...Lisztfr on Aug 2
          I checked that the array is nicely populatedLisztfr on Aug 2
           * x1% and x2% both stay at -1...Lisztfr on Aug 2
            * Ok i had to replace the color statement of course :)Lisztfr on Aug 2
             It doesn't work in your situation...TheBOB on Aug 2
              Well i printed somethingLisztfr on Aug 2
               abcLisztfr on Aug 2
                Vertical / HorizontalLisztfr on Aug 2
                 About the printing routine...TheBOB on Aug 2
                  Oh, and about the space giving an error...TheBOB on Aug 2
                   * I'm doing this script until this morning lol !Lisztfr on Aug 2
                    * DONELisztfr on Aug 2
                     Mazel tov! A quick note about asterisks in your post...TheBOB on Aug 2
                      Mazel tov ?Lisztfr on Aug 2
                       Now it makes sense...TheBOB on Aug 2
                        My printing routine doesn't work :(Lisztfr on Aug 3
                         Why not just use all 224 of the indexes over 31?Clippy on Aug 3
                          Yes i thought about case...Lisztfr on Aug 3
                           That's OK, just load another bitmap LOLClippy on Aug 3
                         Don't your accented letters follow tilde? ...TheBOB on Aug 3
                          That 's close to what i mentLisztfr on Aug 3
                           ELSEIF's do work that way...TheBOB on Aug 3
                            Weird ASCii stuffl on Aug 4
                             bah !Lisztfr on Aug 4
                              Now it's working thanks to you all :)Lisztfr on Aug 4
                               Yeah, I don't know how great they would look at 42%Clippy on Aug 4
                               I think we discussed that...TheBOB on Aug 4
                               Small images get corrupted when squeezedLisztfr on Aug 4
                               We discussed that and i tried itLisztfr on Aug 4
                               *Yes, squashing can ruin images, especially monochrome -- anyway, congratulations :-)TheBOB on Aug 4
                               Well, Screen 2 is not exactly flattering for any fontClippy on Aug 4
                               I'm a progressive thinker and that is why I don't do graphics.Pete on Aug 8
                               * Apparently your XP shares your lack of enthusiasm for Screen 12 too.Clippy on Aug 8
                               Top-ten reasons for using graphics mode...TheBOB on Aug 8
                               ROFL... but you are wrong about reason #1...Pete on Aug 8
                               *Point taken -- and I didn't even have to lie down ;-)TheBOB on Aug 9
          There are a couple of errors...TheBOB on Aug 2
           *Corrections doneLisztfr on Aug 2
        Correction...TheBOB on Aug 1
         Ok thanks for helpingLisztfr on Aug 1
          Actually...TheBOB on Aug 1
           PrintX forwarding ...?Lisztfr on Aug 9
            Indexing GETsClippy on Aug 9
            Clippy pretty much said it...TheBOB on Aug 9
             PUT questionLisztfr on Aug 20
              That's what it means...TheBOB on Aug 20
               trying to save the arrayLisztfr on Aug 21
                i should have better read the bsave demoAnonymous on Aug 21
                 It's still not working...Lisztfr on Aug 21
                  Yes, you have to be careful to save the right number of bytes...TheBOB on Aug 21
                   It might be no where ??? :)Lisztfr on Aug 21
                    hummLisztfr on Aug 21
                     There are ways to reduce the size of the array during the re-GET...TheBOB on Aug 21
                      thanks !Lisztfr on Aug 21
                       *You're welcome -- lol -- we're all capable of "such mistakes". It's called being human.TheBOB on Aug 21
                       Lisztfr you might consider starting a new thread soonClippy on Aug 21
              Demo of PUT argumentsClippy on Aug 20
               *Hey, neat little demo!TheBOB on Aug 20
                * OR performs a sort of addition imhoAnonymous on Aug 21

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