Mazel tov ?

by Lisztfr (no login)


Yes i notice that "*" means no text in the message, but maybe i add some words in case someone looks inside

You see, the array was populated in the wrong way, column after column instead of line after line, so i put the code in correct order (maybe i mad an error copying from the Tutorial, yep the Tut is correct):

'ARRAY scan section

DIM Array(0 TO 6846) AS INTEGER

Array(0) = 58: Array(1) = 6: index% = 2

xx% = 25
yy% = 27

FOR y% = 0 TO 162 STEP 27 <====
FOR x% = 0 TO 608 STEP 38 <====

First i did it reverse side, putting the y% loop inside the x% loop witch was a very bad idea. But reflex is to begin with x...

I guess i should have multiple desktops, one for the tutorial and one for code.


I did the first test on the HPLX (7,9Mhz)

Loading the bmp took ages, but that can be cured with bsave.

Initializing the font is too long also, i shall store the x1 and x2 values once for all in another array and get the characters right.

But then printing the line was quasi instantanné, in a glance, how do you say ? immediate. Very, very well, it can be used imho !

tomorrow i clean the code for a first plain screen printing test


Posted on Aug 2, 2008, 5:01 PM

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