Don't your accented letters follow tilde? ...

by TheBOB (Login qb432l)


On my keyboard, the characters from 33 to 126 are keyboard characters, accented characters are from 128 to 150, so except for CHR$(127) they just follow in order.

SELECT CASE may be your best bet with sorting out all the oddball ASCII values. For example:

CASE 32: PRINTX% = PRINTX% + Array(1)
CASE 33 TO 126: index% = (ASC(Char$) - 33) * Array(0) + 2
CASE ... etc.

In any event, it's difficult to help when you are dealing with circumstances that we don't encounter -- different keyboards, extended character sets, etc.


Posted on Aug 3, 2008, 4:47 PM

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That 's close to what i mentLisztfr on Aug 3
 ELSEIF's do work that way...TheBOB on Aug 3
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     I'm a progressive thinker and that is why I don't do graphics.Pete on Aug 8
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     ROFL... but you are wrong about reason #1...Pete on Aug 8
     *Point taken -- and I didn't even have to lie down ;-)TheBOB on Aug 9

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