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Hi Bob,
Should start off by thanking you for that bitmap generator. There is probably no bit of code I use more than that one.

Forgive me if this is posted somewhere, but I couldn't get the search feature to work.

After I save the bitmap from the generator, I usually end up working with it in mspaint (cutting and pasting, inverting colors, converting to black and white, etc). I noticed that for some functions I need to convert to a 24-bit bitmap before I can edit the image (otherwise white areas won't be transparent in the pasting operation). I also noticed that sometimes I have to convert to a 256-color bitmap first, in order to save it as a gif so the colors don't appear "speckled". Converting to 256-color mode seems to alter some of the colors slighly. (Most notably, the dark gray takes on a greenish-yellow hue.)

So my question is, is there a bitmap generator that converts to 256-color bitmaps, or 24-bit bitmaps? Or is it possible to convert the 16-bit generator into one of those formats, easily?

Thanks again,

Posted on Feb 12, 2010, 3:42 PM

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You can create an 8-bit version of a 4-bit image right in your program...TheBOB on Feb 12
 Re: You can create an 8-bit version of a 4-bit image right in your program...Lou on Feb 12
  *Yes, 8-bit for GIF's. Good luck!TheBOB on Feb 12
   still getting strange behavior.Lou on Feb 12
    *Wish I could be of more help, Lou, but I've never tried anything like that. Good luck.TheBOB on Feb 12
     Thanks anyway.Lou on Feb 13
    Lou, you need a better editor than PAINT period. You are wastng your time.Clippy on Feb 13
     Maybe.Lou on Feb 13
      I agree about mspaint being better for some things...TheBOB on Feb 13
       There are several versions of Paint. Some better than others.Clippy on Feb 13

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