They are separate bitmaps using their own colors in 32 .

by Clippy (Login burger2227)


I tried compiling my old QB bitmap programs to see how they worked. After I ran my BSAVER program I lost MSPaint for some reason. No icons so I changed them to my PaintShop Pro icon.

I don't know what happened, but I think I'm better off finding the colors used in the bitmap by reading the file data. Otherwise using _COPYPALETTE would take off colors above 15 in 4 bit bitmaps. Your QB64logo makes many colors turn white. I only want colors used to be changed to the bitmap's palette

Once I know what colors are used, I can paint unused attributes to the consol with the same RGB settings. Sort of like floating colors that will be reserved from changes.

So I'm gonna just use 256 mode and none for the bitmap like I originally did. I'll just draw the console and color table like I started to do. The old code still works!


Posted on Feb 23, 2010, 1:56 PM

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*Good luck.TheBOB on Feb 23
 Good luck if you try the 32 bit way Bob.Clippy on Feb 24
  Yeah, sounds complicated...TheBOB on Feb 24
   * I will Bob. It has not been discussed much and Galleon has been busy.Clippy on Feb 25

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