loading a Animax! file inQB64

by Garry (no login)


Bob, I sent a file,A6MEN.AXB by e-mail,
Ok, I attached the file with the drawing A6MEN.AXB
I noticed there is no attach file op. So I send it e-mail,
It was made useing ANIMAX 2.1, I checked in the help and about, I am not sure if it came
with QB64, or is the one I downloaded, but it is the one in my QB64 dir. the other is in
QB64/samples/bBob , that did come with QB64
Since I do not know the code, to load it in QB64, there is not much code, but here it is:
------------------code below------------------
PRINT "Hello World"
PLAY " aa2gabe4abcde"
' Then load A6MEN.AXB , as a loop so it keeps repeating, but not the text,and music.
END 'or escape key exits
--------------------END CODE---------
When I see the code that loads this animation, I should hopefully understand what I need
to do, to put in any others in the future.
So this is real simple, for now,
Guess thats abut it,
From Garry

Posted on Nov 2, 2010, 9:30 PM

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Response TitleAuthor and Date
I didn't get it, Garry...TheBOB on Nov 2
 A6MEN.txtGarry on Nov 3
  Still didn't get it, but here's the code, anyway...TheBOB on Nov 3
   Ok thanks,Garry on Nov 3
    That's weird...TheBOB on Nov 3
     Email, and the code workedGarry on Nov 3
      Yahoo, email...Garry on Nov 3
       *Still nothing, Garry -- anyway, the code worked, which is the important thing.TheBOB on Nov 3
        Sorry on the Email,but yea, Thats great! on the codeGarry on Nov 4
         No bother, Garry...TheBOB on Nov 4
          Ok thanks,againGarry on Nov 4
           I forgot to answer your music question...TheBOB on Nov 4
            MusicGarry on Nov 4
             The number of frames doesn't matter with that code...TheBOB on Nov 4
              SmileyFace,music,etc...Garry on Nov 5
               My websiteGarry on Nov 5
                *Love the bricks! ...but SmileyFace.ZIP is empty (???)TheBOB on Nov 5
                 Empty,oops!Garry on Nov 5
                  SmileyFaceGarry on Nov 5
                   Download worked this time...TheBOB on Nov 5
                    Thats good,Garry on Nov 5
                     Can you Help?Ken on Nov 16
                      Hi Ken...TheBOB on Nov 16
                       It IS an EXE file. It is USELESS to see the codeClippy on Nov 16
                       Thanks BOB!Ken on Nov 16
                        This might help...TheBOB on Nov 16
            * PLAY works, but events don't. I just found that out myself recently.Clippy on Nov 5

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