by Garry (no login)


ok on the music, I got it worked in,and
I just put a finished exucatable, on my web
site, the zip file, has the .bas, etc.
Since there was the problem e-mailing,
This is still nothing compared to what you
and some of the others are doing, but it is
a start, for me, it is any way if you want to see what I did, here is
the link:
Like I said it's not much, but a start,and
with out your help, who knows if i ever would have figured it out, I am not much of
a programer, but I enjoy working with the animations,...
I'll keep checking back every o often,..
thanks agin for the help, now I want to get back to "drawing" some more...
from Garry

Posted on Nov 5, 2010, 12:36 AM

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My websiteGarry on Nov 5
 *Love the bricks! ...but SmileyFace.ZIP is empty (???)TheBOB on Nov 5
  Empty,oops!Garry on Nov 5
   SmileyFaceGarry on Nov 5
    Download worked this time...TheBOB on Nov 5
     Thats good,Garry on Nov 5
      Can you Help?Ken on Nov 16
       Hi Ken...TheBOB on Nov 16
        It IS an EXE file. It is USELESS to see the codeClippy on Nov 16
        Thanks BOB!Ken on Nov 16
         This might help...TheBOB on Nov 16

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