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by Ken (no login)


I am a newb at QBASIC. I got one program off the internet working, but I am at lost with others.
I have a notebook running WinMe and I changed some system files so I can run QBASIC.
I am interested in 3D programming, and got a few programs fome the net, But one program keep comming up "Undefine label" wich is RESTORE. My QBASIC editor tells me to look at QCARD.BAS. to show me examples of how program is suppose to work with RESTORE.
Now My biggest program... is trying to find a working QCARD.BAS anywhere on net.
I've got a QCARD.EXE, not the same unless I am very ignorant.
COULD you help my lack of understanding

Posted on Nov 16, 2010, 12:33 PM

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Hi Ken...TheBOB on Nov 16
 It IS an EXE file. It is USELESS to see the codeClippy on Nov 16
 Thanks BOB!Ken on Nov 16
  This might help...TheBOB on Nov 16

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