* Just stopped by to do some light dusting.

by (Login The-Universe)

Posted on Jan 21, 2011, 12:32 AM

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*lol -- and you can probably throw out that last pot of coffee. on Jan 21
 * I now get all kinds of Script errors here Bob...Clippy on Jan 25
  Yeah, I saw your cafe post... on Jan 26
   It is even worse in your Forum! I can't even READ here without an error!Clippy on Jan 26
    Probably the smileys... on Jan 26
    *can you turn script debugging off? on Jan 27
     *Not sure what that would entail, Michael, but maybe Pete can (??). on Jan 28
      Well, I was going to blame it on Clippy's browser... on Jan 28
       *Wow! Well, something's wrong, but I wouldn't know how to fix it. N54 maybe? on Jan 28
       I need to turn Javascript off in this forum to post in FF or Opera on Jan 28
        Errors I get here: on Apr 22
         I just updated IE TAB and it fixed it. on Apr 22
          *Glad to hear it! on Apr 23
           I bet you are! Sorry to wake this place up. Coffee anyone? on Apr 26
            *lol - I had to put on my sunglasses to look at it! on Apr 26
            * Yeah I changed the font size when I found the :-) code the forum creates. on Apr 27
             *Very clever. But you should warn people -- especially Canadians! on Apr 27
              *Why? Did you think it was that DREADED yellow snowman? on Apr 28
               *Precisely. I learned my lesson about yellow snow at a very early age. on Apr 28
                * That's what I figured! :-) on Apr 28

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