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* Happy Canada Day! (The opening act holiday for the 4th of July.)Pete on Jul 1
 * I don't recall that war. I thought England just gave up on them!Clippy on Jul 2
 *Wow, thanks, Pete! I wish I'd noticed it on the 1st - anyway, happy 4th you guys!TheBOB on Jul 3
* Is this forum supposed to be set to Eastern Time?Clippy on Jun 1
 * It is set to TheBOB time. Deal.Pete on Jun 1
  OH yeah.........like Bob cannot add 3 hours? PLEASE!Clippy on Jun 1
   *Hey, Clipster, don't you live in the Eastern time zone? What are you doing up at 4am?TheBOB on Jun 2
    * M$ made paperclips that Never sleep Bob. Don't know when I have to popup!Clippy on Jun 2
Question creating IconsClippy on May 31
 I've used BMP's as icons in XP but switched to .ico's for Vista...Pete on May 31
  I found this info for icons with multiple images, but.....Clippy on May 31
 Concerning icons...TheBOB on May 31
  Yes, the stuff I found was for icons that can hold more than one imageClippy on May 31
   About single icons...TheBOB on May 31
    And where do you go to find single icons?Pete on May 31
     ********* ARGH! The same place I picked up this asterisk haremClippy on May 31
     *I had a crush on an icon once (Madonna), but she never hung out in task bars.TheBOB on Jun 1
    Supposedly there are XOR and AND byte fields too.Clippy on Jun 1
     No idea what's going on there...TheBOB on Jun 1
      I've seen 32-bit bmp to ico converters, like this...Pete on Jun 1
      Well, the WOTSIT file's description leaves a lot to be desired.Clippy on Jun 1
       *I usually refer to it as the: 'Whatsit' file. (With a silent 'h' in it, sometimes.Pete on Jun 1
        The Great Whatsit.....................Clippy on Jun 1
       Actually, the icon part of that file made a lot of sense to me...TheBOB on Jun 2
        QB64 allows arrays in typesClippy on Jun 2
         *Thanks, good to know.TheBOB on Jun 2
          * QBG 1 and 2 downloads at QBS total 1116 Bob.Clippy on Jun 3
           *Wow! Thanks, Clippy!TheBOB on Jun 29
* Make us some background music for QB64 games and programs Bob.Clippy on Apr 15
 Using the PLAY command or...TheBOB on Apr 15
  ^ In Soviet Russia, QB64 plays you.Pete on Apr 15
   *OK, I'll bite -- what ski IS Russian for asterisk?TheBOB on Apr 15
    *Before Soviet break-up, it woss de left ski -- now, nobody knows.V. V. Putin on Apr 15
    It is (* URL)qbguy on Apr 15
  * MP3 is goot...............Clippy on Apr 15
   MP3 is evilqbguy's advocate on Apr 15
    But it's still better thanqbguy on Apr 15
     * Media Player 11 is being released now. Looks good!Clippy on Apr 16
      Windows Media Player 11 came out with Vistaqbguy on Apr 18
       * Post your graphic or DOSbox questions here!Clippy on Apr 18
Thanks, Pete! I can't believe Google didn't post an Easter theme...TheBOB on Apr 12
How to get 1024 X 768 screen in Screen 12Clippy on Apr 1
 You can sort of do that with QB64qbguy on Apr 1
  * I knew that, but I certainly would not want 12 for just 16 colors either.Clippy on Apr 2
Saving computed screen images for animationNivals on Mar 24
 BMP saver (* URL)qbguy on Mar 24
  * So what is the POINT of using PDS? How long does it take?Clippy on Mar 25
   Leaving the PDS lines in,qbguy on Mar 25
  Question re BMP Savernivals on Mar 25
   * It's a PDS 7 functionClippy on Mar 25
 You might also consider using Print Screen to save images to bitmaps...TheBOB on Mar 24
  Darn it Bob! Two scans using Point in Screen 12 takes 16 seconds.Clippy on Mar 25
   Absolutely right...TheBOB on Mar 25
CHOPPER! New program on the Examples page...TheBOB on Mar 22
A better look at PALETTE?Clippy on Mar 19
 About PALETTE USING...TheBOB on Mar 19
  Yes you can just assign one attribute to another.......Clippy on Mar 19
   Oh, you mean in 64-hue palettes...TheBOB on Mar 19
    Yes, but only Screen 0 and 9 support 64 hues, right?Clippy on Mar 19
     The DAC table applies to all screen modes...TheBOB on Mar 19
*Thanks for the shamrocks, Pete, and Happy St. Patrick's day!TheBOB on Mar 17
 * Sorry about the dew-drops on them... Clippy, I told you keep your dog in your yard!Pete on Mar 17
  lol - speaking of dew drops, here's an oldie but a goodie...TheBOB on Mar 17
   Don't scare me like that!Pete on Mar 17
  * Sorry, look closer. There are things worse than "dew"!Clippy on Mar 17

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