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Moved from Main Forum: RainstormLisztfr on Mar 17
 *Great rain, lisztfr, unfortunately I don't hear it (DOSBox). I love the "splashes". on Mar 17
Well, since there haven't been any graphics questions lately... on Mar 11
 FANTASTIC! You truly are an artist. Love it! on Mar 12
  *Thanks, Clipster -- btw, what are women? on Mar 12
   Funny you should ask on Mar 12
    *There were reports of a couple spotted in Manitoba, but that may just be a rumor. on Mar 12
     * Yeah, spotted them or two abominable snowmen there on Google Earth. on Mar 16
 Niiiiice! Is that the original name of the tune?Dav on Mar 12
  Thanks... on Mar 12
 I like it :)Lisztfr on Mar 16
A bit off topic, but it does involve graphics... on Dec 31
 * Nice stuff Bob! on Dec 31
 * That first pic is utterly hilarious. on Dec 31
  *Yep, every camper's had that experience (btw, great New Years background!). on Dec 31
   *I've had some pigs in my tent camper, but never a cow! on Dec 31
 * Awesome stuff, Bob!Dav on Mar 12
* Bob, can you show the folks how to move a QB Window? PLEASE! on Dec 29
 Not sure what you mean... on Dec 29
  Re: Windows Challenge... on Dec 30
   Problem is... on Dec 30
    Yep, moving text is essesential... on Dec 30
     * Just use the text equivalent coordinates like you did with the mouse in screen 0 on Dec 30
      That is just as slow as using SCREEN 0... on Dec 30
       There is one possible way in graphics mode... on Dec 30
        Could you post a demo? on Dec 30
         It would be a lot of work... on Dec 31
          Dammit Bob, you can't stop programming until the year 2012! on Dec 31
           *Gorgeous calendar, not to mention that according to it, I'm 13 years younger! on Dec 31
         Wow, that Animax program looks great... on Jan 4
          Thanks... on Jan 5
           *Post your graphics questions here please. Bob is tired of soaking his feet. on Jan 5
            *Thanks, Clipster -- I couldn't believe there was a new post in the graphics forum! on Jan 19
             * Is this the new "Talking out loud" Forum? on Feb 20
              *lol - well it certainly isn't a "post" office (just over a month -- must be a record). on Feb 20
               * Where can I get a QB64 bee stamp then? on Feb 22
                Well, that's different. Here... on Feb 22
                 * That is next years rate! And it won't fit on my Screen 13 letter. on Feb 22
                  *Next thing you know, Pete will be asking for an ASCII version. on Feb 22
                   ASCII versionqbguy on Feb 22
                    * Why does this one have extra line breaks but the other one not?qbguy on Feb 22
                     *Beautiful! (line breaks and all). on Feb 22
                      But, about line breaks... on Feb 22
                       Actually, my previews LIE on Feb 26
                        *If it's ever really important, let me know -- in this forum I can edit other's posts. on Feb 27
                         * Thanks Bob! I may have to sometime. on Feb 27
                   ASCII versionqbguy on Feb 22
                    *First rate! on Feb 22
       Here's how to kill Windowsqbguy on Dec 30
        * Just like your doing QB64 pal! on Dec 31
*If Santa doesn't visit your house, you can blame TheBOB for leaving his fireplace lit. on Dec 25
 * Not in his igloo! Baby cakes........ on Dec 25
  Actually, that's one of the amazing things about igloos... on Dec 25
   * Darn, that's what I forgot! A chimney.......... on Dec 25
 Aha! on Dec 28
*Just great, Pete! I feel right at home now (along with everyone in North America). on Dec 24
 * I hope you get a pretty Dutch girl for Christmas in ASCII Bob. on Dec 25
* Can you make me a Yamaha organ graphic? on Dec 4
 * Yes.qbguy on Dec 4
 I guess this could be a Yamaha... on Dec 5
  Nice! I thought there were more keys. on Dec 5
   There are more keys on my Yamaha, of course, but... on Dec 5
    * Cool, so how did you assign them to PLAY? on Dec 5
     Fairly simple, really... on Dec 6
      How about using TIMER? on Dec 6
       *Today, I would use TIMER (I wrote this in 1997). The key animation sounds good! on Dec 6
        Well, I don't think it would be hard to upgrade on Dec 6
         *I may just do that :-). on Dec 6
          *We may have to rename your Forum "Graphics and Music". on Dec 6
           Working on that... on Dec 7
            *Beautiful! I'll be glad when formatting is restored -- haven't had coffee in awhile! on Dec 7
             *Perhaps if you got out of this coffee shack, you could help in the main forum? on Dec 10
              *I was just soaking my feet and sipping some Columbian -- send them over here. on Dec 10
               * Now you need a soaking in foot tub smiley? on Dec 11
                *Blondie! on Dec 11
                 Re: *Blondie! on Dec 11
                  *Well, I figured if you have a smiley face ironing, foot soaking should be easy - thanks! on Dec 11
                   Testing smileyPete on Dec 12
                    *I can almost smell it -- unfortunately, my cup is still empty -- doesn't work :-( on Dec 12
                     I works for me...Pete on Dec 13
                      * Me too Bob. How are you doing it? on Dec 13
                      Test smileys... on Dec 13
                       ...and testing URL's... on Dec 13
                        *Thanks Pete -- now all I need are some graphics questions! :-) on Dec 13
                         * LOL, you'll get ZERO from Pete........... on Dec 13
                          * Well, from the monopoly program it looks like ASCII art graphics is allowed hereqbguy on Dec 13
                           * Ok Pete, draw an ASCII picture of the Pretty lil Dutch Girl......... on Dec 13
                            OK, one Pretty Little Dutch Girl coming right up!...Pete on Dec 13
                             *Wow! You have a real talent for this, Pete -- I particularly like the rosy cheeks! on Dec 14
                              What can I say, good artists copy, great artists steal.Pete on Dec 14
                               I can live with that... on Dec 14
                                Nope, I'm all that and a bag of chips.Pete on Dec 14
                                 * WOW! Where did you find that? The color and shadows make it look very real.Ben on Dec 14
                                  Would you believe I actually have that chip and not just the photo of it?.. on Dec 14
                                   * I think Jesus sent you the correct message. LOL on Dec 14
                                 That reminds me of one of my favorite Johnny Carson moments... on Dec 14
                                  I liked the show with Arnold Palmer and his wife...... on Dec 14
                           *Absolutely, qbguy -- I'm always interested in what can be accomplished in text mode ;-) on Dec 13
  That works under the Bush Administration....Pete on Dec 5
   *I wish. on Dec 5
* Having problem making an Igloo in SCREEN 13 on Dec 4
 *There shouldn't be a log-in your igloo, anyway. on Dec 4
  * Drat, you got me! on Dec 4
*Nice cornucopias Pete -- turkeys didn't make it, huh? on Nov 30
 Why thanks, I could give you the number of my plastic surgeon...Pete on Nov 30
  *lol - I can take it if you can. on Nov 30
* Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it. (I-Man, go eat a tree!)Pete on Nov 27
 * Why wouldn't you celebrate it? I'm eating King Crab legs! on Nov 27
 *Love the turkeys - HT to you too (we had ours in October before all the turkeys froze). on Nov 28
  *I couldn't find any turkeys that weren't frozen ! on Nov 28

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