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Yay! Bob got his coffee cup back. But where is the paste?Clippy on Nov 11
 *Pete will have to turn the "paste" back on -- also useful for posting URL's.TheBOB on Nov 11
  *Also, I notice the IP's are still missing.TheBOB on Nov 11
   * Time for another Christmas Tree?Clippy on Nov 11
    Ok, here's oneqbguy on Nov 17
     * Not bad! Is that a hole or are there actually 3 trees?Clippy on Nov 17
      It's a holeqbguy on Nov 17
       *Not bad (I love the foo-bar sub names).TheBOB on Nov 17
        Here's one for Pete (SCREEN 0)...TheBOB on Nov 17
         Nice. Here's one I madeqbguy on Nov 17
          *Great! It'll be a Merry Christmas for Pete (he's strictly text mode).TheBOB on Nov 17
           Must I complete everything you do?Pete on Nov 19
            * Now fix the hole in QBGuy's tree................Clippy on Nov 19
            *lol - I knew there was something missing (Pete loves the choo-choo).TheBOB on Nov 19
             Christmas with a trainClippy on Nov 19
 Re: Yay! Bob got his coffee cup back. But where is the paste?Anonymous on Nov 11
lost programLisztfr on Oct 19
 Still lost...Lisztfr on Nov 8
  Sorry lisztfr...TheBOB on Nov 8
   It was more simple than fractalsLisztfr on Nov 9
    Maybe it was this one...TheBOB on Nov 9
     nice !Lisztfr on Nov 9
      Doesn't sound like one I did, lisztfr...TheBOB on Nov 9
 Some fractalsqbguy on Nov 8
Unicode!Artelius on Sep 2
 Beauty!TheBOB on Sep 2
  * Try reading the paragraph right to left Bob :-)Clippy on Sep 4
   *Of course, it's "A Tale of Two Cities" ;-)TheBOB on Sep 4
  Well...Artelius on Sep 6
   *Thanks! :-)TheBOB on Sep 6
   * Try some of TheBob's games and make your own.Clippy on Sep 6
Need assistance with GET and PUTBen on Aug 22
 my programBen on Aug 22
  font1.datBen on Aug 22
 I ran your program Ben...TheBOB on Aug 22
  Re: I ran your program Ben...Ben on Aug 23
   Rem'd out the LINE statement...TheBOB on Aug 23
    Hmmm...Ben on Aug 23
     Same result, just bars, but it occurred to me...TheBOB on Aug 24
      Re: Same result, just bars, but it occurred to me...Ben on Aug 24
       Good investigating work, Ben!Pete on Aug 24
        * You also can use the DOS Editor to read text files.Clippy on Aug 24
        LINE INPUTBen on Aug 24
       Worked great this time! ...TheBOB on Aug 24
        Which is in the QBG2 downloadClippy on Aug 25
         I got QBG running...Ben on Aug 25
          The easiest solution to your first question...TheBOB on Aug 25
           I thought of that...Ben on Aug 25
            If you want to print on several different colors...TheBOB on Aug 25
             What about GET and PUT?Ben on Aug 25
              Yes, GET and PUT will do that...TheBOB on Aug 25
               I read your lesson and...Ben on Aug 26
                You can BLOAD an entire array of font lettersClippy on Aug 26
                *It's all explained in detail in my tutorial -- with pictures and everything!TheBOB on Aug 26
                 This must be Font Month.............Clippy on Aug 27
                  *lol - I think it's just because they enjoy our scintillating conversation here ;-)TheBOB on Aug 27
                   That may be true, butClippy on Aug 27
                    *Me too, however, you can lead a newbie to a tutorial, but you can't make them read :-|TheBOB on Aug 27
                     If they want me to write the code, then they are not gonna get far!Clippy on Aug 27
                      neewbies and tutosLisztfr on Aug 28
                       *That's the idea :-)TheBOB on Aug 28
          Using POINT is slow in screen 12. Especially fullscreen!Clippy on Aug 25
           Thanks,Ben on Aug 25
         *You need to download both .zip's -- just click the Tutorials link, they're both there.TheBOB on Aug 25
         *You need to download both .zip's -- just click the Tutorials link, they're both there.TheBOB on Aug 25
 I would like to make myself clear...Ben on Aug 28
  Sorry if my comments sounded like criticism...TheBOB on Aug 28
   * Having trouble digesting TheBOB's tutorial? Take two of me and call me in the morning.Tums with Calcium on Aug 28
   Here's a simple example program of the concepts I discussed...TheBOB on Aug 28
    So those are the concepts you discussed?Ben on Aug 28
     In that case...TheBOB on Aug 28
     You need an ASM expert for that...Pete on Aug 28
      * NAH, just make another forum for ASM Pete...........Clippy on Aug 29
       Not sure if you're serious, but....Pete on Aug 29
        There are a lot of QB programmers who like ASMClippy on Aug 29
         I think ASM would interest a lot of QB programmers...TheBOB on Aug 29
  Ben, don't take the posts personallyClippy on Aug 28
It's not so obvious to build a relative big font...Lisztfr on Jul 25
 Yeah, that's a tricky one...TheBOB on Jul 25
  but you lost ascii correspondance ?Lisztfr on Jul 26
   PaintLisztfr on Jul 26
    I forgot that you're using a palmtop...TheBOB on Jul 26
     Phew !!!Lisztfr on Jul 26
      not goodLisztfr on Jul 26
      You're right, it can be a lot of work...TheBOB on Jul 26
       Anti aliasingLisztfr on Jul 26
        Not sure how to do that...TheBOB on Jul 26
         Another toolLisztfr on Jul 26
          They aren't more precise than yours...TheBOB on Jul 26
           One other possibility...TheBOB on Jul 26
          * Is there an English version? Me and Bob been out of France for a while!Clippy on Jul 26
           lol - that's German...TheBOB on Jul 26
            *Hmmmm. I was wondering if it was. Never been there either!Clippy on Jul 26
            RLELisztfr on Jul 27
             sorry, here is the link (RLE)Lisztfr on Jul 27
              MIT?Anonymous on Jul 27
               *Thanks, guys. Interesting stuff.TheBOB on Jul 27
                * How to print quotation marks ?Lisztfr on Jul 30
                 * PRINT CHR$(34);"<---- This is a quotation mark"qbguy on Jul 30
                  Fine, luckilyLisztfr on Jul 30
                   Now it's time to frame the bitmapLisztfr on Jul 31
                    Sounds like it's coming along...TheBOB on Jul 31
                     Ok, now building the arrayLisztfr on Jul 31
                      *lol@horse-power -- good luck!TheBOB on Jul 31
                       Get - illegal function call ...:(Lisztfr on Aug 1
                        I had to increase the array ?!Lisztfr on Aug 1
                         Having troubles here ...with PUTAnonymous on Aug 1
                          Did you use GET or BLOAD to establish the Array data?Clippy on Aug 1
                          I'm following the tutorial, section font and printing routinesLisztfr on Aug 1
                          To begin with, 10 integers are not enough to hold a 26x28 pixel character...TheBOB on Aug 1
                           About the first two elements in the array...TheBOB on Aug 1
                            I got confused about the height value or the array indexClippy on Aug 1
                             *Exactly ;-)TheBOB on Aug 1
                            Still in big troubles...Lisztfr on Aug 2
                             I checked that the array is nicely populatedLisztfr on Aug 2
                              * x1% and x2% both stay at -1...Lisztfr on Aug 2
                               * Ok i had to replace the color statement of course :)Lisztfr on Aug 2
                                It doesn't work in your situation...TheBOB on Aug 2
                                 Well i printed somethingLisztfr on Aug 2
                                  abcLisztfr on Aug 2
                                   Vertical / HorizontalLisztfr on Aug 2
                                    About the printing routine...TheBOB on Aug 2
                                     Oh, and about the space giving an error...TheBOB on Aug 2
                                      * I'm doing this script until this morning lol !Lisztfr on Aug 2
                                       * DONELisztfr on Aug 2
                                        Mazel tov! A quick note about asterisks in your post...TheBOB on Aug 2
                                         Mazel tov ?Lisztfr on Aug 2
                                          Now it makes sense...TheBOB on Aug 2
                                           My printing routine doesn't work :(Lisztfr on Aug 3
                                            Why not just use all 224 of the indexes over 31?Clippy on Aug 3
                                             Yes i thought about case...Lisztfr on Aug 3
                                              That's OK, just load another bitmap LOLClippy on Aug 3
                                            Don't your accented letters follow tilde? ...TheBOB on Aug 3
                                             That 's close to what i mentLisztfr on Aug 3
                                              ELSEIF's do work that way...TheBOB on Aug 3
                                               Weird ASCii stuffl on Aug 4
                                                bah !Lisztfr on Aug 4
                                                 Now it's working thanks to you all :)Lisztfr on Aug 4
                                                  Yeah, I don't know how great they would look at 42%Clippy on Aug 4
                                                  I think we discussed that...TheBOB on Aug 4
                                                  Small images get corrupted when squeezedLisztfr on Aug 4
                                                  We discussed that and i tried itLisztfr on Aug 4
                                                  *Yes, squashing can ruin images, especially monochrome -- anyway, congratulations :-)TheBOB on Aug 4
                                                  Well, Screen 2 is not exactly flattering for any fontClippy on Aug 4
                                                  I'm a progressive thinker and that is why I don't do graphics.Pete on Aug 8
                                                  * Apparently your XP shares your lack of enthusiasm for Screen 12 too.Clippy on Aug 8
                                                  Top-ten reasons for using graphics mode...TheBOB on Aug 8
                                                  ROFL... but you are wrong about reason #1...Pete on Aug 8
                                                  *Point taken -- and I didn't even have to lie down ;-)TheBOB on Aug 9
                             There are a couple of errors...TheBOB on Aug 2
                              *Corrections doneLisztfr on Aug 2
                           Correction...TheBOB on Aug 1
                            Ok thanks for helpingLisztfr on Aug 1
                             Actually...TheBOB on Aug 1
                              PrintX forwarding ...?Lisztfr on Aug 9
                               Indexing GETsClippy on Aug 9
                               Clippy pretty much said it...TheBOB on Aug 9
                                PUT questionLisztfr on Aug 20
                                 That's what it means...TheBOB on Aug 20
                                  trying to save the arrayLisztfr on Aug 21
                                   i should have better read the bsave demoAnonymous on Aug 21
                                    It's still not working...Lisztfr on Aug 21
                                     Yes, you have to be careful to save the right number of bytes...TheBOB on Aug 21
                                      It might be no where ??? :)Lisztfr on Aug 21
                                       hummLisztfr on Aug 21
                                        There are ways to reduce the size of the array during the re-GET...TheBOB on Aug 21
                                         thanks !Lisztfr on Aug 21
                                          *You're welcome -- lol -- we're all capable of "such mistakes". It's called being human.TheBOB on Aug 21
                                          Lisztfr you might consider starting a new thread soonClippy on Aug 21
                                 Demo of PUT argumentsClippy on Aug 20
                                  *Hey, neat little demo!TheBOB on Aug 20
                                   * OR performs a sort of addition imhoAnonymous on Aug 21
                Did you notice they have a huffman algotithm ?Lisztfr on Aug 2
                 Yes, there are a number of compression algorithms, I created one myself...TheBOB on Aug 2
 Referring to Big Fonts...Ralph on Jul 28
  Ralph, a note about posting code...TheBOB on Jul 28
   OK, Bob, here's my code again, after unchecking "Enable Formatted Text"Ralph on Jul 29
    Great little program! ...TheBOB on Jul 29
     MagnificationRalph on Jul 29
      Some possible usesClippy on Jul 29
      Here's an example of what I've done in the past...TheBOB on Jul 29
     Magnification (again)Ralph on Jul 29
      *Not that I'm aware of -- post a question to Pete (moderator) in the main forum.TheBOB on Jul 29
Been meaning to ask about your 4 Bit BMP creatorClippy on Jul 25
 I'll need more specific information...TheBOB on Jul 25
  SubScript out of rangeClippy on Jul 25
   *That might explain it -- as originally coded, it works fine.TheBOB on Jul 25
   * Arghhhhhh! I was trying 0 to 640 instead of 639. Thanks!Clippy on Jul 25
    *Sure, the POINT value at x:640 would be -1, which would definitely be "out of range".TheBOB on Jul 25
 I found a way to speed up the FourBit SUBClippy on Jul 26
  *As the man said, "Now why the hell didn't I think of that!". Nice call.TheBOB on Jul 26
   I was just gonna skip over it, but why not use the info? LOLClippy on Jul 26
Squashing Bitmaps to 4 X 3 sizes in QB ScreensClippy on Jul 23
 *Great idea! Nice little utility -- Thanks!TheBOB on Jul 24
  Thanks for Money.bas too!Clippy on Jul 24
Finally seem to have a decent BSAVE file readerClippy on Jul 22
 Worked on some things...TheBOB on Jul 22
  I tested your Xmstree1, 2 and 3 BSV files and it worked tooClippy on Jul 22
   Tested with a variety of files...TheBOB on Jul 22
    Thanks for testing it BobClippy on Jul 22
Here is a File Size function for BSAVE routinesClippy on Jul 20
 *I think you meant SCREEN 0 is text only -- SCREEN 1 is low res graphics (320x200).TheBOB on Jul 20
  Well it does not seem to work anyway!Clippy on Jul 22
FourBit SUB routine?Beth on Jul 16
 Yup, here...TheBOB on Jul 16
  Thank you!Beth on Jul 17

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