what are the odds of this, thebob? (url, crossforum)

by mn (no login)


(link should work without this part, included anyway since it's easier than copying the title)

Posted on Oct 27, 2014, 10:05 PM

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btw, i'd like you to have a copy of m-w's definition of programmermn on Oct 27
 Never looked at it that way...TheBOB on Oct 28
  *glad you figured it out before you scrolled a 1:1 of lady liberty w/ only PSETmn on Oct 28
   *lol--I'm feeling better about myself with every post!TheBOB on Oct 28
    here's an idea or twomn on Oct 28
     one moremn on Oct 28
      *More food for thought--thanks!TheBOB on Oct 28
       * Are you getting fat yet Bob?Clippy on Oct 28
        *LOL--and even MORE food for thought! (Thinking actually causes me to lose weight).TheBOB on Oct 28

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