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Hi!Alipha on Jun 20
Show current time based on the Timer propertySolitaire on Jan 18
how to register Intero.MessengerAPI.dll after creating setup with inno of any applicationjayawant on Jul 6
 Re: how to register Intero.MessengerAPI.dll after creating setup with inno of any applicationMichael Calkins on Jul 9
how to avoid( Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM Component)jayawant on Jul 6
Why .NET?Michael Calkins on Jun 20
 * Why NOT .NET? What would you call it? DOT NUT? :-)Clippy on Jun 21
 Re: Why .NET?ChronoKitsune on Jun 25
  As always, ChronoKitsune, I appreciate your response.Michael Calkins on Jun 25
   Re: .NET vs non-.NET and garbage collection vs manual resource managementChronoKitsune on Jun 25
    * :-)Michael Calkins on Jun 25
How do iUnseen Machine on Aug 8
 There is no main...all subs and functions.Clippy on Aug 11
  Thanks Clippy..Unseen Machine on Aug 15
 Unseen Machine: You can create a Console application in VB Express 2008Solitaire on Aug 29
  whats a console application, does that mean it will run in dos?Anonymous on Sep 15
   A Console program in Visual Basic.NETSolitaire on Sep 16
    black console windowAnonymous on Sep 16
     Change Console Background colorSolitaire on Sep 19
      fascinating! I changed mine to yellow on blueAnonymous on Sep 19
       Please use a name other than Anonymous.Solitaire on Sep 20
        * OKAnonymus of Hungary on Oct 6
VB6 ColorBar program using RGBSolitaire on Mar 19
system beep on Keydown eventunseenmachine on Mar 7
 You need to get rid of enter or it will be included in the entry.Clippy on Mar 7
  I am in 2008 Expressunseenmachine on Mar 7
   * I gave up on Express 2005. Perhaps Solitaire will know.Clippy on Mar 8
   Your code has a long way to go.Solitaire on Mar 12
    * least I got the KeyPress event right. lol.Clippy on Mar 12
     I am new to VB -unseenmachine on Mar 12
      Revised code for guessing program.Solitaire on Mar 12
       Thanks solitaireunseenmachine on Mar 12
       Here are two more samples:Solitaire on Mar 12
Adding mouse wheel scrolling to VB6 (link)Clippy on Feb 18
Has anyone tried to run VB 6 on Windows 7?Solitaire on Feb 5
 Apparently it still works for some reason. I thought M$ would kill it!Clippy on Feb 8
 I just installed VB6 on Win7 32-bit, working fine so far.Dav on Mar 15
  * Did you see the link to adding mouse scrolling of code?Clippy on Mar 16
   * Yes. Thanks for sharing that.Dav on Mar 18

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