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torvalds trashes c++ (i do not agree, by the way)easylangs on Oct 30
What is the easiest way to determine what header I'm missing?Simmons on Aug 9
 It depends on the distro, but in Debian and Devuan-based distros...Anonymous on Aug 9
The projectSimmons on Aug 7
C++ graphical mode programsSimmons on Aug 7
 Programs with a GUI require a display server, yes.Anonymous on Aug 7
  Let me rephraseSimmons on Aug 7
   Brace yourselfAnonymous on Aug 7
    Derp...Simmons on Aug 7
     * SDL or FreeGlutAnonymous on Aug 7
     Re: Derp...Michael Calkins on Aug 7
GUI programs in LinuxSimmons on Aug 6
 Re: GUI programs in LinuxMichael Calkins on Aug 6
  The operating system should provide gui elements like common controls and dialogsAnonymous on Aug 6
 As Michael said, it depends on the toolkit you're using.Anonymous on Aug 6
  I've started with wxWidgetsSimmons on Aug 7
   #1 go-to place when that happens: GoogleAnonymous on Aug 7
    I installed using codeblocks-contribSimmons on Aug 7
     *Inspite of my whining after installing that other package I'm off and running with GUIsSimmons on Aug 7
   Installations are pretty good about installing dependencies...Anonymous on Aug 7
Is C++ backwards compatible?Simmons on Jul 30
 Re: Is C++ backwards compatible?Michael Calkins on Jul 30
 If you're learning C++ using Turbo C++ in DOS...Anonymous on Jul 31
  B for bothSimmons on Jul 31
   To be honest, it had changed a lot since Turbo C++ in DOSAnonymous on Aug 2
    *The string type was added as a library by the authors of the book. Def not standardSimmons on Aug 4
Linker error when I try to use my own library in TC++Simmons on Jul 29
 I figured it outSimmons on Jul 29
 Re: Linker error when I try to use my own library in TC++Michael Calkins on Jul 29
  * Why is extern by default silly?Anonymous on Jul 29
  What do you mean by extern?Simmons on Jul 29
   Re: What do you mean by extern?Michael Calkins on Jul 30
DLL demonstration (1 edit)Michael Calkins on Jul 27
 commentsMichael Calkins on Jul 27
  EXEs generated by GCC will naturally be larger.Anonymous on Jul 29
  with the seed owned by the caller.Michael Calkins on Sep 17
   cdecl version.Michael Calkins on Sep 17
Does C++ compile an entire library, even if all functions aren't being used?Simmons on Jul 24
 Is that really unusual?Anonymous on Jul 24
  *So C++ libraries are all precompiled? Are there any libraries that are in code format?Simmons on Jul 24
   I don't understand your questionAnonymous on Jul 24
    I guess I'm still fuzzy on how libraries behave in the first placeSimmons on Jul 24
     Re: I guess I'm still fuzzy on how libraries behave in the first placeAnonymous on Jul 24
      Don't forget, it's all 1s and 0s in the CPU sooner or later; only varies how it gets thereAnonymous on Jul 24
     Libraries (several p.s.) (last p.s. 9:13pm)Michael Calkins on Jul 25
      Fun architectural factAnonymous on Jul 26
  It seems that it often comes down to space / time tradeoffSimmons on Jul 31
   Re: It seems that it often comes down to space / time tradeoffMichael Calkins on Jul 31
    *How about for REGISTER specifiers? Are they pretty well optimized now too?Simmons on Jul 31
     *(url) yesMichael Calkins on Jul 31
The why of architecture dependent data typesSimmons on Jul 24
 Re: The why of architecture dependent data typesAnonymous on Jul 24
 int16 et al. are good for data structures in cross-platform code, but bad for performanceAnonymous on Jul 26

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