Re: C++ isn't the only place you can learn good design.

by Laanan Fisher (no login)


> No, not PHP!!

Heh, I just started playing with it recently to extend QB64's wiki functionality, and have found it rather enjoyable (writing a QB64 parser for code highlighting/linking). I guess its dynamic type system seems refreshing to me, but it does have limited application.

I've only developed Java ME apps, though I have heard some horror stories regarding Symbian from friends.

> But on the whole, C doesn't encourage bad C code.

I think the biggest problem I have with C is that "bad" and "good" code look strikingly similar, particularly when using libraries like the Windows API, which forces cast upon cast.. It is easier for me to see well-written C++ interfaces than well-written C ones (GTK+ vs. gtkmm, for example).

> Piles of unions and function pointers are often an indication that you are using the wrong tool for the job.

Yeah, when the job is to write flexible and extensible code while being safe, C is the wrong tool. ;)

> There are many good things to be said about C++, and I would actually prefer using C++ to Java. But I've already gone through the process of learning tonnes about C++.

I agree, though the whole header/source module system gets old after a while. FB devs were talking about supporting something like Free Pascal's or Java's module system in the future, I'm crossing my fingers.

Posted on Feb 14, 2010, 5:51 PM

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