I see the bug

by ComputerGhost (Login ComputerGhost)


The problem is that (after all of Window's typedefs are stripped of their meaning), the functions are getting wchar_t** when they are expecting wchar_t*.

For example, the FileName variable:

FileName is defined as a WCHAR[0x200] type.

At the GetModuleFileNameW line, FileName (WCHAR[0x200]) gets its address taken (WCHAR[0x200]*)... you basically have a pointer to a pointer to a WCHAR. You cast this to a LPWSTR and it works, but you're pointing to the pointer to the WCHAR, so GetModuleFileNameW fails.

Take off the address-of for the strings, and it should work. happy.gif

Posted on Sep 14, 2011, 10:18 AM

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