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When will MinGW get SEH? on Nov 3
 * One would hope that clang eventually gets it also. on Dec 25
sha160 and sha256 on Oct 26
 *(URL) loose translation to pure QB64 on Oct 27
 here's what I have for duplication detection (qb64) on Nov 1
  a bug fix for dupdel.bas on Dec 2
 strict aliasing on Dec 25
the compilers do not inline functions by default... on Sep 27
just a GUI experiment. on Sep 12
 tried adding a few controls (more GUI experimenting) on Sep 12
mingw-w32 incorrectly declares HBRUSH. on Jul 29
Tutorial in C for red-black trees... on Apr 16
 I don't have much time to look at it since it's 23:01 here, but... on Apr 20
  Thanks, and to explain that part... on Apr 20
 The old link won't work. I made some improvements. (url*) on Apr 20
  * Finished! It covers, erasing, too now. on Apr 28
   Okay, seriously, this grammar error is bugging me! on May 29
    That doesn't apply anymore. on May 30
Thread Local Storage experiment with a DLL. on Apr 16
Allocator::pointer and such on Apr 4
 I found my answer in a more up-to-date draft, and I posted my learnings on my blog. on Apr 5
Overloading templates on Feb 21
 * Example in C++0x for more compactness, but this can be done in TR1 too. on Feb 21
 Create the illusion of overloading templates? Not really...ChronoKitsune on Feb 22
  * The only problem with my approach is the template parameters must be in syncChronoKitsune on Feb 22
  You are a genius. on Feb 22
   * I'm no genius. Just remember that arrays can't have sizes < 0. ;)ChronoKitsune on Feb 23
A specific case of using assembly in C...cantide5ga on Jan 4
 a single pixel?Docfxit on Jan 5
  Specifics...cantide5ga on Jan 5
   Re: Specifics... on Jan 6
    Complexity isn't a problem...cantide5ga on Jan 7
    Rethinking this...cantide5ga on Jan 8
     Yeah on Jan 8

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