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A commercial program I wrote earlier this year. (win32, gui, inefficient)Michael Calkins on Oct 24
 *thank u both for making this public domain. hiring people to write free software is greatmn on Oct 25
  *yeah, although they initially didn't understand foss, and suggested that I market it.Michael Calkins on Oct 27
The Cookie-Eating GameThe Cookie Monster on Oct 18
 it not like cookie monster speak correct english, but me found bug perhapsmn on Oct 18
  More structured versionAnonymous on Oct 21
   *this wouldve been much easier to translate. i'm not antigoto but it's better without themmn on Oct 21
if you're ever wondering what operating system kernel code in c looks like (url)mn on Oct 8
exampleMichael Calkins on Aug 2
 A somewhat different style:Michael Calkins on Aug 2
  You might use a std::map...K on Oct 5
   In a similar vein... [C]K on Oct 5
 This works in C++ but not in Cqbguy on Aug 18
  Re: This works in C++ but not in CMichael Calkins on Aug 21
Print MachineGuid (commercial bid) (windows console)Michael Calkins on May 2
 The code is C++. To compile it as C, one line needs to be moved.Michael Calkins on May 2
Listing files in Win32Michael Calkins on Oct 13
 * Backslashes are missing. (buggy forum)Michael Calkins on Oct 13
  Re: * Backslashes are missing. (buggy forum)Michael Calkins on Oct 14
* Going Native 2013 (URL)Michael Calkins on Sep 12
Don't know whether to return an error code or throw an exception? Let the caller decide!Alipha on Jun 22
Using C++ exception handling to catch floating point divide by zero.Michael Calkins on Mar 31
*(URL) "C and C++ Aren’t Future Proof"Michael Calkins on Mar 30

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