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Using C++ exception handling to catch floating point divide by zero. on Mar 31
*(URL) "C and C++ Aren’t Future Proof" on Mar 30
is this a bug in g++? (cast to pointer to volatile) on Mar 11
 Volatiles might not be able to be optimised.computerghost on May 10
  Re: Volatiles might not be able to be optimised. on May 10
(homework from the main forum) on Nov 28
pointers are signed? on Nov 10
 found some info. on Nov 10
 Pointers are pointersK on Oct 5
  *except when they're handles?mn on Oct 6
   *Even when they're handles, they're still pointers.K on Oct 6
When will MinGW get SEH? on Nov 3
 * One would hope that clang eventually gets it also. on Dec 25
sha160 and sha256 on Oct 26
 *(URL) loose translation to pure QB64 on Oct 27
 here's what I have for duplication detection (qb64) on Nov 1
  a bug fix for dupdel.bas on Dec 2
 strict aliasing on Dec 25
the compilers do not inline functions by default... on Sep 27
just a GUI experiment. on Sep 12
 tried adding a few controls (more GUI experimenting) on Sep 12
mingw-w32 incorrectly declares HBRUSH. on Jul 29

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