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Call me stubborn

July 9 2008 at 10:45 AM
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Bozo  (Login JasamBozo)

Dear Slavic Brothers and Sisters,
I am a pacifist. I believe in peace and in civilized dialogue. I reject aggressive war, war crimes, torturing of war prisoners (what the CIA and the United States of America is doing to Arabic prisoners), and I reject force as the means of getting interests fulfilled.
However! As much as I believe in peace, as much as I believe in the strength of human understanding and the rejection of extremism and hate, I believe that a man must be ready to stand up and fight, when there is no other alternative left.
Blue/plavo skies of freedom, the freedom of our Motherland.
White = Purity, the pureness of our people and country, and the holy milk of our mother, our Motherland
Red = Blood spilled for the freedom of our Motherland
Red Star, Forged in Gold = Symbol of anti-fascist, freedom fighting warriors of Josip Broz Tito in World War 2, who gave the Balkans their only 45 year period of peace and freedom. 1945 - 1990
This is the flag of Yugoslavia. That country is dead. For now.
I pledged my oath to that country when I was a young child. I re-affirmed that pledge in 2001 and embarked upon a journey of extensive learning and self-educating.
I re-affirm my eternal allegiance now in 2008. My loyalty is as strong as ever.
I believe in Yugoslavia. I believe in the unity of the South Slavic peoples and their Balkan neighbors. I believe in the necessity of mutual Brotherhood and Unity of these peoples. I believe in egalitarian social democracy.
I believe that Serbs, Croats, and Muslims are one and the same people, whose only difference is religion. This religion is equalized with ethnicity. Religion = Ethnicity.
I say that must be ended once and for all!
Orthodox, Catholics, and Muslims of Serbia, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina = you are all ONE AND THE SAME PEOPLE with the SAME COMMON LANGUAGE!
You must unite with each other, and then unite with your Slovenian, Montenegrin, Macedonian and all other Balkan brothers, who were part of Yugoslavia.
Albanians are not Slavic, but if they live on the territories of former Yugoslavia, which include: Kosovo, Presevo Valley, Ulcinj, and western Macedonia, then they too are Yugoslavs.(Of course, I don't mean "South Slavs", but I mean Yugoslavs as our equal brothers and citizens).
Yugoslavia...I have never betrayed you. Let them call me stubborn, let them call me crazy, and let them call me a rebel. I am stubborn. I am crazy. And I am a rebel.
Stubborn because I will never bow down and betray freedom and justice.
Crazy because I fear no one, only God and his laws.
Rebel because I am from Balkan, I am a Yugoslav, and Yugoslavs are natural rebels, ready to die for an idea. Fitzroy Maclean, the personal adviser of Sir Winston Churchill said this about Tito. I say he was right. I am a rebel. I refuse to sundered to the forces of darkness and oppression. I believe in freedom and democracy and humane existence.
Yes I am a rebel.
"A winner always knows where he's going; a champion never forgets where he's from" - Mohammad Ali
I have never forgotten where I am from. All the money of this earth will not change that. I am not like one of those Balkan people who forget their heritage, who forget their culture, who forget God, all because they made money here in Canada. They sold their souls for money, they sold God, but I sell neither. My honor and integrity are not for sale.
I believe in Yugoslavia and the destruction of fascism and ultra-nationalist mafia-governments running the states of former Yugoslavia right now. Down with those criminals!!!
The extremist ultra-nationalists, who are attempting to maintain hold on the people are getting weaker every passing year.
We are getting stronger. The people are on our side. The people want freedom and justice. We shall fight for the people.
Unity is coming! Democracy is coming! A European future, with a united Yugoslavia = this is what we want.

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