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How to write efficient FORTRANNAME REDACTED on Nov 27
N54 FIXED something ELSE!Clippy on Jan 24
plz change dis forran code..only 1 change reqd on Oct 1
Parallelism in LISP and FORTRANAnonymous on Feb 10
 Collossal cave (fixed spaces)Anonymous on Jul 29
  DATA FILE (name 'advdat31.dat')Anonymous on Jul 29
why is file output binary on Nov 30
 Which compiler are you using?qbguy on Nov 30
  File output format problem on Dec 1
   You reference a format statement on line 528qbguy on Dec 1
    problem resolved on Dec 2
Mandelbrot Setqbguy on Nov 24
Video about Fortran on Youtubeqbguy on Jul 12
 * Actual footage of QBGuy posting QB64 on Sourceforge project site on Jul 12
  What like this on Sep 8
   Hard to type when holding a camera eh? on Sep 9
   * DOS? Oh, right... Because you would EXPECTED to use Linux... Nice!rpgfan3233 on Nov 6
    * Well it's actually the Command Prompt in Windows XP run full screenqbguy on Nov 6
F90 Chessqbguy on Jul 5
Hello, World on Jul 1
 * FORTRAN is awesome.kidfrommars on Apr 11

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