Unofficial Forum for the Victims of Ross University School of Medicine

This forum is being created in response to recent efforts by Ross University, its employees, and a few current or recent graduates, to censor or otherwise silence the statements and views of countless numbers of students, who have been financially and psychologically abused by unethical practices of this off-shore medical school. While we realize that there are many forums currently active on the web dealing with off-shore medical education, and some are exclusively devoted to Ross University and the countless allegations levelled against it by its current and former students, no forum that we know of is currently in existence to offer a discussion environment solely to THE FORMER AND/OR CURRENT VICTIMS OF ROSS UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE. By creating this forum, we endeavor to give the Ross Victims an opportunity to discuss their views, experiences, and allegations against Ross, in an environment free from verbal attacks by those Ross affiliated individuals whose sole purpose is to humiliate the former Ross students, while at the same time, spreading false propaganda in favor of Ross to mislead and trick many unsuspecting perspective students. This forum is not controlled or is in any shape or form connected to Ross School of Medicine. Any e-mails or personal information exchanged by individuals posting here will be held in the strictest of confidence. The forum will be monitored regularly to identify individual(s)posting here who are or may be affiliated with Ross. If this occurs, such individual(s) will be quickly banned from this forum, and their messages will be deleted. We are only inviting those individuals with legitimate views and valid complaints to post here. We are not interested in rumors or baseless accusations of a very small number of students who may have been expelled from Ross due to legitimate academic reasons. Furthermore, we do not want individuals associated with some of the newer schools to post here anonymously to scare people off from Ross in order to boost their own applicant pool. Such individuals will be monitored and banned if so identified. We invite all writers to refrain from improper language when posting here. Please strive to post messages that will be of benefit to other readers, and will fulfill the objective of this discussion forum.
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