The second coming

by The Juggernaut

“War does not determine who is right - only who is left”

In the midst of the night the moon looks down upon Earth not knowing what deeds will come this eve, no-one on this planet know, all but one that is. The slow drizzle outside has sent everyone around the area inside, it’s a horrible night, the vagrants all bustle inside derelict buildings and the rich sit in the comfort of their secure and warm rooms. A bolt of lightning lights the sky up for a brief second, illuminating the monster that lurks the world below, The Juggernaut, last seen destroying ex-GTWF celebrities in a DWF ring a week ago., what business has he here in this city?

The monstrous figure strides with unerring pace, not once does his pace slow or speed up, even over the rough terrain it does not falter at all, he is almost machine like in his motion, some unstoppable machine programmed never to stop, never to fail, never to slow, never to give in. He has seen these streets before, a few years ago now but these streets remain the same, unlike the building he stands in front of, this building is no more, gone are the spotlights that shone into the sky, no more are the neon signs that lit up the darkness…a building that is locked down, and out of business… a once world famous venue and arena…


What has become of it? It’s descent is infamous, ownership that was always shrouded in controversy, falling audiences, failing crowds, superstar mutinies, it was never a more true rags to riches to rags story. What of it now? The building where it all happened is owned by celebrity chef and ex-GTWF star Joseph Ulysses, more commonly known as Frying Pan Joe. Stock and rights are no more, a good number of stars now owned and property of DWF; it’s glorious days are gone, only a fleeting memory of many a wrestling fan the GTWF is dead. Usually dead is such a finite term but tonight, tonight it is all relative, and as the DWF preaches the dead, sometimes…just sometimes they don’t stay dead for long.

The Juggernaut stands in front of the GTWF arena, at the end of the street, he looks down on it, there is a faint glow of light inside the arena, a wry smile sweep across The Juggernaut’s face, a sinister deathly grin from such a figure is never a good sign, he strides forwards towards the gates of the GTWF, they are slightly open, he doesn’t even bother to push them open, simply walking straight through them, bashing them open with him massive paws, they creak and groan as they slam against the walls. Two giant chains hang from the top of the doors to the bottoms, they pose no problem as Juggernaut simply rips them asunder, tossing them behind him as he goes…

The inside of the GTWF is not what you would expect it to be, it is not in disrepair, there are not plants growing out of the ground, it is pristine, the whole of the inside looks exactly as it did in it’s pomp, a throwback to the way it was yesteryear. A whole bunch of GTWF staff are milling around the arena, all busying themselves with their own tasks, some are cleaning others are busy mending things and at the top of the stairs there is a TV screen, it shows the inside of the arena, a figure stands in the centre of it…

Juggernaut launches himself into an unstoppable march, a few employees get in the way, they are swiftly brushed aside, knocked back and down to the floor by this monster, he finds himself striding down the ramp in a matter of minutes…such a familiar walk, a walk that has never seen him return defeated, never seen retrace these steps with him at a loss. In the centre of the ring is a familiar figure, overseeing the GTWF workers…he turns around…it’s Devin Reilly!

“Yes, that’s it everyone we’re almost done here!”

He turns around to see the abomination stood at the bottom of the ramp, he holds his hands up in the air in protestation, waving his arms to signal Juggernaut to come no further. Juggernaut stands motionless surveying the area…

“Listen Juggernaut, I’m glad Joe convinced you to get on board but I’ll be honest you’re mad, you’re a loose cannon. The GTWF is back and we’re gunning for DWF but you…you’re…”

Juggernaut steps forwards, holding onto the middle ring rope ready to hoist himself into the ring…he stops as he watches Devin leap backwards stopping in mid sentence… Juggernaut grins, an evil demented grin wiping over his twisted face…Juggernaut lets go of the ring rope and turns his head, looking back at the titantron…it reads…

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