The Bible is a code that describes how the CREATOR of the UNIVERSE creates our soul in FOUR PHASES. Understand these phases and you will know all answers to HOW LIFE WORKS in you. The REAL BIBLE CODE describes HOW GOD WORKS in all religions, and not just Judaism, or Christianity or Islam, but HOW GOD WORKS PERIOD, since it isn't God that changes, but religion is based on the CONFUSION of nations, including Judaism, until the HOLY SPIRIT/Ruach Qodesh, interprets these tongues back to the SPIRITUAL language.......that is "THE LAW" of every soul:
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Beyond Christianityy on Mar 2, 4:54 AM
Truth Movementy on Mar 2, 4:44 AM
what is NEEDED for repentance to COME?y on Sep 2, 6:44 AM
 without repentance we are as a BEAST before Gody on Sep 2, 6:55 AM
  My daughter's post on how man who is a beast treats other beastsy on Nov 21, 4:59 AM
WILL God allow Islam to rule the worldyvonne on Aug 16, 8:32 AM
resty on Jun 12, 1:41 PM
Heylel, Illuminati, Jesus the Savior, YHVH the God of the Jewyvonne on Oct 20, 5:19 AM
BEAUTIFUL discussion from the Jewish perspective of YOM KIPPURYvonne on Sep 27, 5:01 AM
The TRUE Bible CODEYvonne on Aug 11, 6:22 AM
CONSIDERYvonne on Aug 11, 5:52 AM
Kymatica, the evolution of SOUL/self against ego/false selfYvonne Gordon on Jun 23, 7:26 AM
the gospel is supposed to be GOOD news!!!yvonne on Jun 15, 10:04 AM
Lucifer, Adam or Satan or who? explaining through the language of KUNDALINIyvonne on Jun 6, 9:49 AM
according to my stats............I have someone in at least 22 countries reading me,yvonne on May 26, 8:56 AM
THE VISITATION part IYvonne Gordon on Feb 15, 4:05 AM
 THE VISITATION part II (Torah Portions)Yvonne Gordon on Feb 15, 4:07 AM
  THE VISITATION part III (Rabbi Laitman and me, also Islam discussed)Yvonne Gordon on Feb 15, 4:08 AM
   The Visitation part IVYvonne Gordon on Feb 26, 5:07 AM
    the VISITATION part V *unleavened bread*Yvonne Gordon on Feb 27, 1:42 PM
     The History of "His Story"The Visitation part VI on Mar 3, 4:57 AM
      AMALEK, (doubt of Israel in every generation):Yvonne Gordon on Mar 3, 9:07 AM
       Zohar, Tony Kuzinac and my experience as described by the Zoharyvonne gordon on Mar 5, 5:47 AM
        Ascents and Descents, (The Visitation):yvonne gordon on Mar 10, 8:48 AM
         hissing, repentance, Egypt, Assyriayvonne gordon on Mar 16, 7:10 AM
          Jesus, person or "MAN"?yvonne on Mar 17, 6:10 AM
           the Harvest and the Workersyvonne gordon on Mar 18, 6:42 AM
            how is Jesus revealed?y on Mar 21, 10:31 AM
             four gospels are the four levels of building the SOUL/kliy on Mar 23, 6:15 AM
              transformation of Satan into an angel of lighty on Mar 23, 9:58 AM
               this is how it is for meyvonne gordon on Mar 25, 5:56 AM
                for the JEW in the arvut movementyvonne gordon on Mar 25, 6:21 AM
                 Re: for the JEW in the arvut movementyvonne gordon on Mar 25, 7:15 AM
                  OVERCOMING the MYSTERY of INIQUITYyvonne on Mar 26, 7:05 AM
                   mystery of iniquity part IIyvonne gordon on Mar 26, 11:07 AM
                    great tribulationy on Mar 28, 8:15 AM
                     Michael stands up for Israel, Daniel and TIMINGy on Apr 11, 10:22 AM
                      the greatest is servant of allyvonne on Apr 22, 8:04 AM
                       the male and female in meyvonne on Apr 23, 7:09 AM
                        so are you MAN Yet?y on Apr 24, 12:04 PM
an old Forum I wrote on for the JEWSy on Jul 27, 6:53 AM
 Ginsburgh, Reuben and Migdal Edery on Apr 20, 6:55 AM
the LOVE HATE relationship of the ego against the SOUL of Man:y on Apr 13, 6:32 AM
Zohar termsy on Aug 22, 7:01 AM
the development of LOVEYvonne/Zafana on May 12, 6:35 AM
my answer to ShunamiteYvonne/Zafana on Apr 12, 5:22 AM
LOVING consciouslyYvonne/Zafana on Feb 19, 4:56 AM
holographic universe experienceyvonne on Dec 17, 8:07 AM
four phases of making a soulY on Jul 17, 8:52 AM
 phase one in more detaily on Jul 17, 3:32 PM
  Phase II in more detaily on Jul 18, 9:40 AM
   Phase III and IV in more detailY on Jul 19, 5:30 AM
 Rabbi Leitman's Kabbalah is the closest to my understanding Christianity, Judaism, IslamYvonne on Apr 13, 5:47 AM
the FRUSTRATION and TEMPTATION of the SOUL in exiley on Jul 24, 4:25 AM
 words of man vrs the WORD of God to the SOUL of Israely on Aug 15, 4:42 AM
  spiritual progression is not like human progressiony on Sep 19, 6:02 AM
   Judah shall plow:y on Dec 11, 3:59 AM
    shaking the dust from our feet; Discerning what manner of spirit one is ofYvonne on Feb 21, 5:07 AM
I discern Christianity is it must do to rise againy on Aug 10, 5:41 AM
 christians don't understand the "other Jesus" they worshipy on Aug 20, 5:53 AM
  Resurrection of the JUST and UNJUST, Christ rises and gives us light of MAN (Jesus)yvonne on Feb 16, 3:36 AM
what does it mean to loose your life to FIND LIFE for JESUS name sake? Same as Narrow roady on Aug 11, 5:09 AM
 COME Together.....over me (Jesus Christ): overcoming evil with the GOOD Will of God in usYvonne on Feb 15, 4:26 AM
two posts on Blasphemy I wrote awhile ago, from another forumy on Jul 25, 4:31 AM
 who really WROTE the BIBLE from the LOGOS within them?yvonne on Feb 14, 4:14 AM
to the Jew and Messianic ChristianYvonne on Nov 10, 2:51 AM
 The Real Mystey and GLORY which is Christ...........IN USYvonne on Feb 11, 2:49 AM
Abraham's seed VOLUME IYvonne on Aug 23, 2:26 AM
 Abraham's Descendants VOLUME IIYvonne Gordon on Oct 18, 3:52 AM
  Abraham's Descendants VOLUME IIIYvonne Gordon on Oct 18, 3:53 AM
   Daniel and the four levels of recreation: Ezekiel and the third and last templeYvonne on Jan 28, 5:03 AM
Jesus a person or Man?Y on Sep 11, 7:11 AM
 Christ in me followed by "me in Christ" (Christ-in); is there a diference?Yvonne on Nov 13, 3:39 AM
The Coming of the LORD fulfills the law and prophets and Jewish feast days in us:Y on Jul 16, 6:45 AM
repentance on three levels of the brain: Ego, superego and ID or as Jews say, "YID"y on Jul 20, 6:12 AM
 gods gods and more gods, LORD GOD help us and save us from them ally on Jul 20, 6:45 AM
  more definition of Spirit, Soul and mind, manifested as gods and meny on Sep 11, 4:20 AM
   so again once more, WHY IS JESUS CHRIST the "ONLY BEGOTTEN SON"???y on Oct 10, 8:16 AM
    Christ is the anointingy on Dec 25, 4:37 AM
the physical is a metaphor for the Spirit, and not the other way aroundy on Aug 16, 5:28 AM
 the Lamb/will of God is slain for usy on Aug 16, 6:37 AM
  Isaiah 7, the virgin of Israel in that dayy on Sep 25, 7:01 AM
   new heaven and new earth will become the Kingdom of God on earth as in heaveny on Dec 4, 6:07 AM
my name Harpazo=RAPTURE, but how is it experienced?y on Dec 1, 3:51 AM
if JESUS sinned,......................y on Sep 8, 2:34 PM
 seeing Jesus as a person vrs MANy on Nov 24, 3:28 AM
working out my own salvationY on Oct 18, 5:35 AM
parables vrs experiencey on Oct 5, 6:21 AM
 manifesty on Oct 6, 2:37 PM
  3-fold chordy on Oct 14, 6:34 AM
  moving in the gifts given to meny on Oct 14, 6:40 AM
Difficulties of each phase: PHASE IY on Jul 19, 6:38 AM
 difficulty of phase IIy on Jul 19, 11:52 AM
  Difficulty of Phase III and IVy on Jul 20, 6:12 AM
   said another way.........four phases of Satans deception against the making of a SOULy on Sep 11, 5:14 AM
    so the spirit lost its immortality when it lied to the souly on Sep 11, 6:11 AM
     discussion on "spiritual realm vs psychological realm"y on Sep 11, 6:46 AM
      what is Satan exactly?y on Sep 14, 6:11 AM
 the FOUR heads of the RIVER out of Eden is the same messagey on Oct 10, 5:18 AM
wrath of the Lamb, YHVH and elohim, antichrist spirits revealedY, Zafana, Harpazo ECHAD, lol on Aug 26, 5:17 AM
 more on the metaphor of the lamb, sheep and even the ark of the covenant:)y on Sep 27, 5:27 AM
HOLINESS.........comes from the baptism by the holy ghost and fire through Christ in usy on Aug 14, 5:08 AM
 scripture with HOLY ONE of ISRAEL and HOLY ONE,y on Aug 14, 5:28 AM
  Israel is sanctified, made HOLY, by the HOLY ONE of Israely on Aug 15, 4:16 AM
   INTERPRETER, the holy spirity on Sep 26, 5:17 AM
alchemy, El Dorodo, Sumerian annunaki, Egyptian mummies with faces of gold...........y on Jul 30, 6:46 AM
 Egypt to Israel, the spiritual journeyy on Sep 25, 6:11 AM
PLOWING our way into the Kingdomy on Aug 19, 5:21 AM
 Zacchaeous (the little part) that enters the Kingdom:Y on Aug 28, 5:29 AM
  Kingdoms, the spheres where kings *wills* rule:y on Sep 18, 5:02 AM
travail of the woman, rapture of the spirit, correction of the mind, great tribulationy on Jul 26, 5:39 AM
 to the JEW firsty on Jul 26, 8:32 AM
  Jew first, but what is first?y on Sep 17, 4:59 AM
what is Man and what does the cross have to do with MAN?Y, Zafana, Harpazo ECHAD, lol on Aug 26, 5:23 AM
God as GENDERy on Jul 23, 6:25 AM
 God as FATHERy on Aug 22, 4:33 AM
comforter the spirit that leads into all truthy on Aug 20, 4:05 AM
 scripture to witness to this event that happens in every man in his own order/LOTy on Aug 20, 4:39 AM
  Entering our REST, Sabbath, Narrow road to life:y on Aug 22, 4:08 AM
TWO MEN, TWO IMAGES, were they BOTH of God?? in other words, is all flesh the same flesh?y on Aug 6, 9:11 AM
 REDEEMED from the EARTH..........who and by WHOM?y on Aug 6, 1:35 PM
  so one more time............WHAT IS MAN?y on Aug 9, 6:00 AM
   in response to "God alone has IMMORTALITY": Yet the GOOD NEWS IS THIS.........y on Aug 9, 7:03 AM
    so what makes a CHRISTIAN?y on Aug 9, 7:21 AM
kabbalah and the NTy on Aug 1, 7:54 AM
 Nephesh and Neshama souls: One is earthly, animalistic soul, the other is DIVINEy on Aug 5, 5:00 AM
  the two commandments bring the LOVE (will) of God to both neshama and nephesh soul,y on Aug 5, 5:33 AM
is there a difference between belief and born again?Y on Jul 27, 1:29 PM

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