3-fold chord

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the threefold chord God created which is held together by the "TWO" whose substance is all from the ONE, is how "creature" and "creator" function as ONE UNIT:

the creation doesn't become the creator and the creator doesn't really become the creature as such, but the creator and creature FUNCTION as ONE UNIT, and this is the "NEW CREATION", not the "new creator".

The creator didn't change, but he changes the creation to be in its image and likeness: All these things he works on and out of his own GOOD WILL continually. Seeing the creator through the looking glass or in parts, is limiting and it is only Israel (the soul that is severed from the old mind and will) that is told not to make any NEW IMAGES of God whom they saw to be without FORM:

Seeing God without any FORM is to know the true God, because the "mind" can't imagine something that is nothing to the mind, but the soul can perceive it because the soul RECEIVES this creator as its SUBSTANCE, hence the soul can "know" the creator and reveal it to the mind, and the mind can be taught to obey what the soul knows (is in union with) once the mind grasps that it is made to serve the "king/will and queen/soul".

God made the whole organism to have life in itself, even each and every member of that organism and this is amazing to me, simply amazing:)

God is spirit and spirit is life: Christ is the MEDIUM God flows in and through us, the soul he is making: God is WILL and Christ is the EXPRESSION of that WILL in us and Jesus is the name of the soul who experiences this to its completion in US:

Posted on Oct 14, 2008, 6:34 AM

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