My daughters wonderful post to a person who questions why we should make others feel bad for eating meat: She says: I am not concerned with the meat eating of meat eaters.... Instead, my focus and concern is with the animals lives; the lack of quality in their lives, their horrific daily abuse, their torture, their being disregarded as a life of any kind. They feel physical pain, excrutiating physical pain. No one cares, men are allowed to violate, exploit, use, punch, kick, stab, poke the eyes, scream and cuss at, beat with their hands and kick with their feet. They use heavy metal objects and pitchforks to abuse the animal who is locked up and tied up and cannot move. They are denied medical care, pain killers because men think these animals have no feelings. They are heartbroken when separated from their young, but the law protects them not. The law doesn't punish, prevent or change one iota for these precious innocent lives. This is UNJUST. They are not simply killed in a matter of moments so some morally weak person can ingest their flesh, tendons, viens, blood and bones. They live all their lives in a tormenting hell. A place that happy Christians are taught they should not even wish on their enemy. These animals have never been our enemy. Instead we have been theirs. So if the natural migration of this mindset leads to 'cut' into the comfort of those who eat meat, seeing that meat is the finished product of these haneous, unexcusable, unnecessary, crimes against heaven, then so be it.

Christ is the anointing

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Christ is the Anointing of God on his creation:

Jesus is the name of the anointed ONE

when the creation is anointed, this anointing must move to the womb (God overshadows the virgin part of us): If it remains outside the creation, the anointing is still Christ, but it is not yet Jesus, the "MAN" that is formed by the "Spirit of God" within the creation:

God forms MAN by forming the Spirit within the creation, and with the submission of the creation to the Spirit God is in that creation:

Man is the combination of the creators "GOOD WILL" and the creations "DESIRE FOR GODS WILL".

the NAME of this NEW MAN is JESUS, a name ONLY HE HIMSELF KNOWS...............everyone who uses Jesus name in vain doesn't know him: ONLY THOSE WHO "KNOW" HIM will be LIKE HIM: If one does not know Jesus, and how can they if Jesus 'never knew them", then they can not be like him.

Jesus doesn't become Christ, because Christ is the eternal Son, while JESUS IS THE MAN that is FORMED by this SPIRIT within the creation:

Man is not a physical being, but a spiritual being, hence the LAST ADAM is a LIFE GIVING SPIRIT, or as it is written, the "second man" is the Lord from heaven:

Christ was part of the first Adam because Christ was the LIFE blown into Adam as the Neshama, the breath of God:

Yet, Christ did not fully become JESUS at this time, because the creation had not brought him forth: God blew the neshama into Adam: Adam himself did not bring forth Christ, but later, his soul would, and this is why Eve (Chavah) would be the mother of all living, because she brings forth Christ, our first resurrection.

God is spirit and spirit is life: Christ is the MEDIUM God flows in and through us, the soul he is making: God is WILL and Christ is the EXPRESSION of that WILL in us and Jesus is the name of the soul who experiences this to its completion in US:

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