This message board is dedicated to those people who have had "Scary Sasquatch" encounters. It's here they'll get a chance to submit in their own words their encounter. Or, maybe not. You see, what TEXOMA BIGFOOT RESEARCH & INVESTIGATIONS is hoping to accomplish with this newest message board is compile as many of the "scary encounter" stories as possible. This is an open board, and if you post, we encourage you to post only the scary Sasquatch stories. If your encounter was real, and if you're still having nightmares, write it down, post it and let others who may have shared similar feelings know they're not alone either. We do ask if you submit a story that if it's true, you tell us in your opening remaeks that it's true. If it's a "made up" encounter, tell us it is, and proceed to entertain us. The Bigfoot community is often seen as a bunch of "gun happy" rednecks chasing a poor woodlands creature through the mountains, and swamps of the world. Hey, we do have a sense of humor, and most of us are fairly well educated (regardless what you may think). So enjoy this new board and please use it for what it was intended for. David and JD Holley, TEXOMA BIGFOOT RESEARCH & INVESTIGATIONS
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